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The Eleventh of September

On this very solemn day

We honor those who fell

We take the time, to pray

And their story to tell


The tale of two towers

The Pentagon and fallen 93

Of very ruthless powers

And the brave’s, will to be free


The bravery of our first responder brothers

Of loved ones broken hearts

Over the lives of their fathers and mothers

And brothers and sisters that did part


As we mourn the wanton loss

Of our family and friends

There will grow no moss

On our search to earth’s ends


For the zealots who backed then

This most heinous of attacks

On innocent children, women and men

We will not lose their tracks


The destruction came that day

Of an alleged religious motivation

A sinister ideology some say

Of hate and a lust for eradication


Our leaders, the truth must face

That freedom of religion must not

Blind them to an ideology’s mace

Lest “our” very freedom, doth rot!


Tom Whitmore

Copyright 2010, Thomas J. Whitmore

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