Grassroots Network of the Republican Party of Virginia

To All, Rest assured this site is staying up! O.P. Ditch and I cofounded it back at the end of November 2008, and debuted it just before the Advance.

It started out as a project we accepted from Jeff to organize a permanent Veteran's coalition, going into this election year and give Vets a voice in the party.

About the time we had an organizational structure hammered out, we realized, we needed a way to communicate and recruit. O.P. came up with the Ning idea as we were both familiar with it from Team Sarah, and I had visions of a Red Dog Express site, so as O.P. says "Voila".

After a few days of working on the site and realizing the power of the Ning architecture, we approached Jeff about just networking all Republicans in the Commonwealth and when the Vets numbers were sufficient, start working on a ground game for the coalition. Jeff gave us his blessing and the rest is history.

We ask that everyone familiarize themselves with our mission. We feel it is common sense. We have conservative ideals to preserve. We recognize the realities of a two party system. We ask that all of you work with us in promoting and preserving our shared conservative principles. Namely by not tearing down or turning your backs on the Republican party. It is our best hope to restore conservative values in government. Rather , we ask that you work with us to strengthen Conservatism in Virginia by working within the party. Learn how your party works, make your feelings known and if all else fails begin the common search for different leaders.

Do not embarrass the Republican party or the Conservative movement. Maintain the ground you have gained and work toward the future. Be civil, be respectful, be honorable, be a credit to conservative values and above all be everything you would want your elected representatives to be. Stand up and be heard , and hold those representatives accountable.

Everyone wants change, it seems. Well brothers and sisters, it is up to us. Power comes from the grassroots up. When power is abused, the only cure is for those that enabled it, to restrict it or take it away.

We are with you and want to provide a voice for you, just don't act foolish, don't throw away what you have already worked so hard for. Like a big ship in the wind, keep moving forward, while continually tacking toward the destination. You don't drop sail and wait for a more favorable wind!! (and that analogy from a USAF guy, go figure, I'll probably take some heat for it!)

This is too important of an election year, with redistricting coming up. We will need all hands on deck. (Uh, Oh) We need to work to keep our seats and win new ones.

If you are unhappy with the direction of your party, then get involved. join your local committee, make sure your voice is heard. Change only comes from those who participate, you know, action instead of just words.

Above all, Play the hand that has been dealt you, stay in the fray and work to improve your position. What sense is there to bobble around, loose ground and win it back, then do it again?

All the Best,
Tom Whitmore

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Comment by Sandy Cope on April 12, 2009 at 9:48am
Tom and OP- Thank you for creating this site, and for keeping it going at this time. Where else would 1,256 members go for news, views, debates, arguments, and event info? It is too important to let something so successful go away. Thankl you again, I appreciate all of your efforts.








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