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The report that fell on the MSM cutting room floor

I just wanted to report that several of us from Orange County attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Charlottesville, VA yesterday. Since the Main Stream Media and Mr.Obama seemed unaware of the scope and purpose of these tea parties, I thought I would tell you a little about what I experienced.

The party was held from 3pm to 6pm. We had a lot of trouble finding the pavilion and a parking place. The weather was bad--cold, misty rain. There were probably 2000 people attending at a covered pavilion. Most of those attending were not dressed oddly, did not shout and push, represented all age groups and behaved politely. Many, many held hand-made signs as we did. There was a sign-in table and people stood quietly and patiently listening to the speakers for a long time to sign in. This gathering transcended party affiliation and represented no special interest group. The speakers were great--probably 10 on the program which was given to you when you signed in. The speakers also represented many different organizations and groups. Even one brave Virginia House of Delegates spoke. But they all had the same message--we are tired of the out-of-control spending and misuse of our tax dolars. And also the slippery slide that many of us see toward Socialism. The biggest cheers came when the MC recognized all the veterans in the audience. The applause and cheers probably lasted over five minutes. And the second loudest came when an Iraq Veteran said "God Bless America." The people attending are patriots not just protesters!

Many speakers spoke of John Payne, Jefferson and other Founding Fathers and their struggle so many years before to procure our liberty which many of us believe is being slowly chipped away. It was obvious from the signs that people held that they are scared of what is happening with our tax dollars and very concerned about the burden we are leaving to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. One speaker gave a litany of all the recent things that have happened. After each, he asked if we were satisfied and the pavilion repeatedly rang out with a resounding NO!

Let me sum it up by telling about the Iraq Veteran. He admitted that he was a Libertarian and did not want to talk to that. Instead he wanted to remind us of that old story of the frog sitting in a pot on the stove. He said that in the last few months things have been happening to our money so fast that many of us have realized that the heat has been turned up. And those of us there have jumped out of the pot. Are you still sitting in that simmering pot? Or have you been too busy to see what is happening? If you realize what is happening are you ready to start calling your Congressman, Senators and the President? Will you write Letters to the Editor, Blog, Twitter etc? I know I will.

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