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The U. S. Financial Crisis. A well planned fiasco.

It is my opinion that the current position of the U.S. marketplace is no accident. It rather is a crisis that was created by those who wish to advance the progressive agenda for this country. I come to this conclusion simply due to a gut feeling and the knowledge that those who hope to gain from the crisis are the same ones responsible for it.

Quite simply, our current economic crisis is being used to move this country towards socialism. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and those in the main stream media berate anyone who brings this up as though it were crazy. It is however, evident if you look at Rom Emanuel's statement that the liberals cannot waste this crisis, believing that liberals can now move on ideas that they thought previously undoable. We have just Nationalized the mortgage industry and are now moving towards nationalizing the auto industry. We already know that they want to nationalize the healthcare industry. Furthermore they have yet to play the Global Warming card to nationalize the power and transportation industry. What does that leave to private markets. Through card check legislation they will nationalize all labor and through the fairness doctrine they will take control of what free media is left. Under the guise of equal access to education they will nationalize our schools from pre-school through college. There is even talk of the government taking control of private investments and nationalizing retirements. Hmm....I thought we already had that one.

It is easy to see why liberals and progressives would have been looking for a crisis just like this. But how could they have manipulated such a perfect storm. It was really quite simple. They gave a junky (capitalism) the very drug that it never should have had (an endless supply of money). They then offered that same drug to the welfare state under the guise of affordable housing. This caused two problems. First people who had no business getting a home loan bought houses they couldn't afford and those who should've been buying houses payed artificially inflated housing costs due to the influx of money. Secondly was the spike in housing costs itself. Once this train was set in motion all they had to do was make sure that Republicans did not get a chance to derail it. The train wreck that was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was barrelling towards a cliff and the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd could block any attempt at oversight. Once this train destroyed the financial market every industry was in jeopardy and the country as a whole would look for anyone to help. By framing the disaster as a failure of capitalist priciples and a lack of oversight Frank, Dodd and Obama were able to paint Government as the rescue. It didn't help that we have a President and in general a Republican Party that has forgotten it's own principles.

And so we are were we are. It is more important than ever to tell people the truth of we got here. Equally as important to teach people the principles of the founders of this great nation.

Good Luck and God Bless

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Comment by Les Brenner on December 15, 2008 at 10:16am
All great thoughts and articles!! We can talk about the causes and whose to blame till 2012! Right now we need to figure out how the republican sentrys were asleep when the intrudors broke in!! Not only republicans but many dems who I know dont agree with this choice that was made by the clinton machine( which is by the way not dead) who are very afraid of and hate George Bush very very much!! The use of the e-mails, the cell phone texts, the left wing blogs that most of us laughed at when it all started 2 yrs ago is what won the election for Dems! Voter fraud just made sure they would win!! We as a party need to become sentrys again ! Stay awake and dont be afraid to speak up and report fraud in any form! Some say" let the dems have the reigns and run off the cliff!! I say take the reigns away before things are beyond repair!! Start at our local level and work our way up to the federal elections in the next 2 years!! This is a great site and I hope all conservatives are members soon!!
Comment by Mark Collins on December 14, 2008 at 6:48pm
Quite alright Sandy. I voted for Bush twice but have been very dissappointed with his inability to advance any kind of conservative agenda. He has pandered and reached across the isle more than any president in history and gets nothing but hate from the left for his efforts. He is the poster child for "dont stick your hand out to feed an alligator if you like your hand". Just the same he SHOULD be reverred around the globe for his administrations efforts to free people. We also all owe him a big debt for his keeping us safe since 9-11.

Look at it this way. Bill Clinton was responsible for the fiasco in Bosnia and Mogadishu (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) as well as closing hundreds of military installations, dismantling the CIA and all of the terrorist attacks leading up to 9-11. Bill Clinton was worshipped by the media and the left. Maybe if Bush had left Iraq up to the UN and it had exploded he would be worshipped too.
Comment by Sandy Cope on December 14, 2008 at 2:24pm
Mark- I hope you don't mind, but I have to get something off my chest, and there is no other link ti stick it in. I know you will understand!

If I were in Iraq today, when an ingrate threw his both shoes at President Bush- all 5' 4" of me woulad have been all over the jerk. I don't agree with many of Pres. Bush's policies, but he is the President of the United States of America, who has taken more than his fair share of heat from our own electorate, and to have one that he helped free from a repressive Hussien regime, is unconsionable.

Sorry to intrude Mark!
Comment by Sandy Cope on December 14, 2008 at 10:28am
Mark, thank you, I am honored to be your friend. I did not remember that the Pres. and Republicans used "high home ownership" as a part of their ploy to get re-elected. Knowing what they did, from previous warnings about a Mortgage meltdown, it almost makes them more guilty to me than the Libs. In other words, they sold us a bag of goods. I felt that Bush was re-elected because of the Iraq War, and not wanting to disrupt an ongoing volitile situation with a new Administration. The Republicans were still on his side to a large degree with the War.

I did not mean to make Bush sound Lilly White in the mortgage fiasco, but as you said he wanted the homeownership issue to be a part of his legacy, whether it was honest or not. The Franklin Raines debacle happened in 2005. Bush surely could have been more pro-active along with Republican Congress people to fix a problem that was just waiting to explode. After all, Bush would not be running for re-election again.

And, you may be right that the Obama candidacy didn't cause the meltdown, but he sure was the perfect candidate to bring forth the Socialistic agenda right from the campaign trail. So many that voted for him don't have a clue as to the meaning of the words Socialism or Capitalism.

Baney Fwank (Elmer Fudd) has his picture next to the word "gross" in Wiki. Whether gay or heterosexual, he has proven to be as Teflon Coated as the newly elected Pres.
Comment by Mark Collins on December 14, 2008 at 9:18am
I'm not sure the crisis was manufactured to help Obama specifically, although that certainly was part of the effect. I think it was manufactured to destroy capitalism as a whole.

The reason President Bush didn't push harder on the Fannie/ Freddie problem, as you may recall in 2004, was that a key part of the Republican campaign was the record home "ownership" levels. Everyone benifited from the growth in home ownership politically and no one wanted to upset the apple cart. Again the liberals were feeding Capitalism with a drug it could not resist.

One thing that needs to be looked at in a representative republic is the ability of Politicians running for high political office to "bribe" the majority in order to ensure election. By sitting back and promising easy home loans to the majority of their constituents people like Barney Frank continued to get elected. Even more disturbing is that during this whole mess, Barney Frank was engaged in an affair with an executive at Fannie Mae. It was brought up at the time as a gross (and I mean that in more ways than one) conflict of interest. I actually believe it would have been made more of if it was a heterosexual relationship. Somehow we have managed to make homosexual affairs OK in this country.

Thanks for the comment Sandy.
Comment by Sandy Cope on December 14, 2008 at 8:58am
Mark- I agree with you, the whole market meltdown was a manufactured crisis. I'm sure we all remember when Biden said that Obama would be tested in his first 6 months in office. I, at the time, took it to mean that we would be attacked from outside the country with Nukes or Bio Weapons or whatever. After all, it was coming from a Senate Dinosaur who has been a "foreign policy expert"??? He then said something like- You may not like what "we" do, or think it is right, but that is when you will have to "trust" us and stay with us with your support. Now, I am as convinced as you are Mark that the whole set of Crises from the Housing and Mortgage Collapse, Bank Failures and shutdowns, Auro Industry Bailouts ? and Insurance Company bailouts were perfectly timed, manufactured events. The Congress took a stake in ownership in many of the above crises. Doesn't the saying go something like- he who controls the money, controls the world, or for now the country. From my understanding, the Mortgage mess has been brewing for quite a number of years, starting back to the Carter Admin. with his Community Reinvestment Act, and it gained steam in the Clinton Admin. Greenspan warned Bush in his early years that it was a disaster that was waiting to happen. I understand that Bush tried to warn Congress that the problem had to be taken care of then. Then 9/11 happened. The country, and the Government re-focused. Did Bush secretly agree with the Democrats to shelve the Fannie and Freddie problems so that he could gain the Democrats support for his run up to the Iraq War? Or, did they all just drop the ball on the mess in lieu of other priorities? In 2005 McCain and about 3 other Republicans wrote legislation in order to regulate the mortgage industries (including Freddie and Fannie), but it never made it to a vote. Interestingly, there were no other Republican co-sponsors to the legislation. That, I believe, is when Barney Frank made his speech that "there was nothing wrong with the industry, and why fix something that ain't broke." That's also when Chris Dodd did all he could to insure that no vote ever happened on the legislation, as he muscled the Democrats to back away from it. That was in 2005, when the Republicans still had the majority in both houses, and a Republican President.

I don't remember when Hank Paulson was appointed the Treasury Secretary, nor what his formal party affiliation is, is any, but when the first bailout crisis occured last summer, it was with a Wall Street Firm Bear Sterns, I believe. Then we had Lehman Bros.(not bailed out) and then AIG and others. Paulson came from the Wall Street sector, and had/has many high connections to the Wall Street elites. Was he working in collusion with the Wall Streeters as to timing, when the Mortgage industry problems existed for many years before last summer? By the time the Mother of all Bailouts came before the Congress in about September, with Paulson's sky is falling scenario, the Government had already taken ownership stakes in Banks and AIG.

That is when McCain's chance at the presidency ended.

Running back to the Senate, suspending his campaign and riding into Washington on his White Horse to fix the problem by voting for something so very undefined, unplanned and unregulated with so many unknowns put the final bullet to his campaign. He foolishly stated previously, to the press, that the economy was not his strong suit. Then he makes the statement to the public that "the economy is fundamentally sound." Duh! The whole thing was a very well planned, orchestrated event to insure Obama's success at the ballot box. And, it worked beautifully. When Rham Emanuel made the statement "the libs cannot waste this crisis" he left out the word "manufactured."








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