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Now that the political Revolution that is Trump has manifested itself in the reality of the vote in both South Carolina and Nevada the agents of the political status quo are out in force.They are all busy constructing straw Trumps to knock down. They are recycling old stories that have already failed to defeat Trump. They are adamantly asserting their purity to a conservatism that somehow allowed them to vote for Dole, McCain, and Romney(the proud grandfather of Obamacare). I suppose this is normal. I've been there. I did not support Romney in the 2012 primary and voted for Ron Paul because I saw Romney as a political opportunist who put on his conservatism like a man puts on a new suit. All one has to do is google Romney's position changes to see what I mean. The candidate that ran in for Senate against Kennedy, the one who ran in 2008, and the one who ran in 2012 were vastly different men but I'm not writing this to rehash Romney who I supported pragmatically and proudly in the 2012 general election. 

This gnashing of teeth will reach its peak on "Super Tuesday" which will likely thereafter be renamed "Trump Tuesday". There is only one state that Trump is likely to lose and that is Texas to Cruz. I've looked at the polling and there is a possible path for a Trump victory in Texas involving turnout of certain categories/regions of voters that he is dominating. There were some polls showing a close race in South Carolina and the reason those outliers were wrong is because they overestimated categories of vote favorable to Cruz. Trump in Texas also does far better in the automated polls which could if true turn what seems to be a Cruz slam dunk into a horse race in a kind of reverse of Iowa. That said Cruz still has a solid edge and is likely to remain in the race after even if he only wins Texas. There is little hope for Rubio to win a state. If he does his golden boy status will be magnified to ridiculous levels. If Rubio doesn't win a state on Super Tuesday he will be done for all extents and purposes. He's not going to win Florida. Trump has had solid double digit leads forever there and he has an insurmountable amount of that vote locked in.

Voter loyalty is a one key to Trump's success. Trump voters are the most loyal. Cruz voters are 2nd and Rubio voters are the least loyal which illustrates one problem Trump opponents have at this point. The other problem is that even though some say Trump hasn't been attacked enough, which is laughable since he's been under attack like no other from day one from all sides from within and outside the GOP, is that Trump has proven invulnerable. Part of Trump's genius is that he has staked out a high ground against the political status quo, against career politicians, against the failed system that is Washington DC, against bad trade deals and lost wars but more importantly is who and what he is for which is the forgotten American who has seen their country and culture transformed by elitist elements who treat them like unintelligent bigots when they dare stand up for themselves. Trump also is very well known which is why allegations that he is a conman, a carnival barker, and a mere entertainer fall flat.

Trump is indeed some of those things but he is much, much, more. He took his father's multi-million dollar company which was primarily focused on low income housing and built it into a multi-billion dollar company with operations in Manhattan and around the world which is no small feat. Trump unlike the two Senators actually has created thousands of jobs, over 34,000 estimated by CNNMoney. So when Marco Rubio attacks him for hiring illegals (which he did not) he rightly replies "I've Hired People, Nobody Else Up Here Has" and that is a powerful retort because neither Cruz or Rubio have any private sector accomplishments of note. One is best known for reciting "Green Eggs and Ham" on the Senate floor during a filibuster, and the other for betraying his most loyal supporters by being the frontman for the Gang of 8 Obama Immigration Plan and they both have spent their entire lives in state and federal government. The key to Trump's success during this election is that he is unquestionably a wildly successful man. Yes some parts of his company over time went into bankruptcy protection but all those interests came out intact and though many are no longer owned by Trump all are still operating today. The idea that a few failures when weighed against huge success discredit a man is crazy and most Americans understand this. 

The worst attacks have been to deride Trump's conservatism. Many times his detractors attack him for positions he's hasn't held for more than a decade or longer. However on core issues the Trump today is the same Trump who attended the 1988 Republican convention and on issues like trade, his ability to relate to average citizens, on jobs he's the same Trump as he always has been. Trump's family supported Goldwater and Reagan. Yes Trump has given to Democrats to help benefit his business interests but he's given far more to GOP almost twice as much at over 900k and has even given to Ted Cruz. Furthermore anyone who says today he supports assault weapons bans and any form of gun control a position he hasn't held since 2000 is really reaching in pretending that a position he discarded more than a decade ago calls into question his position today. This is typical of Trump's detractors. They create a cherry picked list of and then cut and paste it together into a psychotic montage of a Trump that only exists as a caricature in their minds. Trump has signed on to defund Planned Parenthood, he's signed on to pass FADA to protect freedom of religion, he's committed to ending illegal immigration and has proposed a national right to carry. He's also committed to repealing Obamacare and no he doesn't support the federal mandate to buy healthcare but of course his detractors are so blinded that they can't even ascertain the context of what he says but instead go for typical gotcha style politics that isn't working anymore.

I've had some people I greatly respect become anti-Trump deranged. I've had people I've been friends with for years unfollow me on Twitter and I find that sad. If they would stop for a moment and really take Trump in for what he is without their political status quo politically correct filter on they would see an opportunity in Donald Trump. He is bringing huge numbers of new voters into the Republican party voters that previously had felt they had no good reason to vote having seen both parties as betraying them. The GOP Primary vote is eclipsing Democrats in ways it never has in the past. The GOP excitement and interest is through the roof and one man in this race can fill stadiums with 20,000 people all cheering the 2nd amendment, Stopping Illegal Immigration, repealing Obamacare, fixing bad trade deals, and bringing jobs back to America in a proud America First Movement. If you hate this you need to reflect on why because Trump though imperfect is doing something great for America and if you can't support the decimation of the political status quo and political correctness, lifting up of America with the simple declaration of #MakeAmericaGreatAgain then what exactly do you want? Do you really think two Senators who haven't completed one term, who haven't created one job in the private sector can confront a political status quo and a politically correct environment that eats most men alive. There is one man who has survived this lion's den with an armor of invulnerability like we've never seen in our lifetime. 

Tuesday is a time for choosing. Do you stand with the political status quo that is killing America or do you want to really shake things up and have a President that puts America 1st for a change? 


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