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A new campaign called the Virginia 10th Amendment Revolution is sweeping the state of Virginia. This movement is targeting the federal government’s over-reaching powers not delegated to it by the states.

Citizen activist groups are banding together to take this revolution to the 2010 legislative session of the Virginia General Assembly. They are calling on legislators to defend state’s rights under the 10th amendment with the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act (VFFA) and the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act (VHFA).

Delegate Charles (Bill) Carrico will lead the charge in the House on the VFFA, a 10th amendment challenge to the powers of Congress under the commerce clause that prohibits the federal regulation of firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition manufactured and retained in Virginia.

Delegate Robert (Bob) Marshall will stand up to the feds with a VHFA in the House to challenge the powers of the federal government to mandate the purchase of federally approved healthcare coverage by every citizen under the threat of steep fines and jail time.

This effort to reassert the state’s constitutional authority did not begin with the 10th Amendment Revolution. There had already been widespread opposition to the Real ID Act, dubbed Dangerous ID, in Virginia that resulted in legislation that was passed into law in the 2009 session that would prohibit certain provisions in the law that would compromise the economic privacy, biometric data, or biometric samples of any resident of the Commonwealth.

News of the 10th Amendment Revolution is going viral and is sure to shake things up in the 2010 session of the General Assembly. Members of this movement will not be silent any longer. They aim to make their voices heard at a lobby day/rally to be held on January 18th on capitol grounds in Richmond.

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