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Yesterday at the SCC meeting in Richmond, I was asked the title question several times. Today I have an answer. We go back to work!

If Jeff Frederick wants to make a run at the Chairman's seat again, he will let us know, shortly. Don't hold your breath though, I understand it is a tough job. Low pay, long hours, little thanks and at best a very tenuous position. Let's see 5 for 5! That's five Chairman in five years, so what's the big deal? It's a four year gig!

Maybe we need to allocate a little bit of our time to party building. You know, getting folks at the Unit and Congressional district level to listen to the grassroots. And do this on a regular basis, not just knee jerk to decisions we contest. Regularly let them know what we think and expect from them. Let them know when they do good and hold them accountable when they don't. By so doing, maybe we can make the Chairmans seat a more hospitable place.

Those who participate, determine the direction of the party. Complaining won't do it, only action will. May I be so bold as to propose a plan of action?

-Everyone work their tails off this year to keep the HOD seats we have and pick up some more, redistricting is coming!! This may well be your most important issue, looking forward.

-It would also be very helpful to have the Governor, LG and AG be Republicans.

-Join your local committees, they are the incubator of the party. They are where the power springs from and they are the conduit for the grassroots.

-Change will only come from the grassroots up. Hold your Congressional district representatives accountable to your local committees and hold the Congressional district representatives to the SCC accountable. They have to change or be changed, to reflect the will of the conservative grassroots.

-The powers that be, count on outrage followed by complacency, break the cycle. Become active and encourage others to do the same. Make sure it is true conservatives with an eye on the grassroots that are grooming the future candidates, be a part of it.

-Rome wasn't built in a day. Continue to support the Republican ticket, so that you can advance the party from a position of strength. Meanwhile don't take your eye off the prize of leadership positions within the party, they are the springboard to the revitalizion of conservative principles that we are all seeking.

-Encourage others to join you, surround yourself with doers not talkers. Talking is fine to a point, but action is where the smart money is.

-Keep your Republican creed principles dear to heart, live them everyday, use them to motivate and recruit others, they are proven winners.

-Learn to ascertain the differences between these principles that a vast majority of Americans share with you and the social issues that are more personal by nature.

-Learn to put it in perspective, our creed(the principles),how they reinforce the Constitution of the founding fathers and then the social perogatives, which should be states rights issues. Don't lose the war over internal battles of degrees. One candiate is more prolife than the other, is not a valid argument unless they square up evenly on Republican principles. It's on the conservative principles where we are losing, not the degrees of difference on social issues. It's a trap, don't fall into it.

-Hold your head high, be a proud conservative. Stand with others at every opportunity, such as upcoming Tea Parties. Make a statement, be seen and heard!

-Don't wait, start now!

-This is for all who stand for justice, freedom, property, fiscal responsibility, limited government and liberty and, have a burning desire to preserve them.

JOIN.........WORK HARD.........STAY FREE !!

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Comment by Phillip Whitaker on April 5, 2009 at 10:04pm
I see wisdom, as well as commitment in your words. That is refreshing and challenging. I too am moved by current circumstances to become more involved at the local level. I have neglected that duty for far too long with feeble excuses of time and money. Not one of use can afford silence and complacency any longer. We must all be vigilant. That is the word Patrick Henry used when he said, "victory is always to the strong, but to the vigilant." Let us all determine that we will stand firm in our commitment to conservative principles. Only when they feel the heat will they begin to see the light.








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