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Sure we saw a lot of it at the Tea Parties nationwide, last week, but that was nothing. Now don't get the idea that I am pointing a finger, I am not, I was there with you, got a thorough drenching at Lafayette Park with OP, Teri and friends.

On reflection however, I have come to the realization that we have been smoked and mirrored again! Oh yeah, we pushed back against socialism, irresponsible spending, the FED, taxes, Obama demeaning and embarrassing the nation, Freedom and a host of others. While the politicians and media have swept under the carpet those circumstances that got us to the brink of national default. We may well have been misplacing much of our rage!

Where was the outrage over the lack of responsibility of Congress to fix the things that got us in our dire straits to begin with?

Where was the outrage over the Community Reinvestment Act remaining in place to continue to establish mortgages for people who can't afford them?

Where is the outrage for the quotas established to require Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to buy these toxic assets, which are still in place.

Where is the outrage over the debt instruments that were devised to spread the risk from these toxic loans around the entire market, until the shear quantity of them collapsed the financial markets?

Where is the outrage that the result of these force fed mortgages, was a runaway housing market, where prices reached wholly unsustainable levels?

Where is the outrage of the honest hard working Americans that are stuck paying mortgages on homes that are far higher than the homes value?

Where is the outrage of the honest hard working Americans who lost their homes because they couldn't refinance a home that was worth less than the note on it?

Where is the outrage against the politicians that trumpeted the CRA and the GSE quotas and are doing nothing to fix the problem?

Where is the outrage over spending more taxpayer dollars before fixing the problem, if they even intend to? (This is like continually buying more horses instead of fixing the barn door)

Where is the outrage from Americans who bought homes at artificially high prices due to government meddling and have now sustained big losses? Where were they? They should have been there!

If we are to make a difference, and change the direction our country is headed, then we need to all wake up and smell the roses.

We need to include all of those homeowners who were victims of our government's meddling in the free markets, in our movement and any future Tea Parties or similar protests.

We need to focus on the problems that carried us over the precipice as much as how much is being spent in the name of stimulating the economy and the impending taxes..

There is still time to repeal the bad provisions of the stimulus. We can no longer, however, go without fixing what caused the problem, or whatever is spent, is flushed down the toilet.

Where is the well placed outrage, the outrage that can stop the bleeding? If we can come to grips with how we got to this state of affairs and deal with it, then we can properly assess what is truly needed to go forward.

Let's stop patching potholes, because they keep coming back and they get bigger each time. Let's focus the outrage toward repairing the road bed and then repave the way for our children and their children.

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Comment by Tom Whitmore on April 23, 2009 at 6:33am
You got it, there is outrage and then there is outrageous! Thanks!
Comment by Donald Joy on April 22, 2009 at 11:59pm
Gotcha. Probably shouldn't be posting anything outrageous.
Comment by Tom Whitmore on April 22, 2009 at 7:36pm
Perhaps they had to pay for pamphlets because the local paper didn't want to run it. No one is telling you you can't have your own "pamphlet" on Wordpress or some blog hosting forum like it. We just have tougher rules here, and are mission focused partisans. We are hosting a social network that must remain an acceptable environment for Republicans in general, including young Republicans as in teens. We are here to get our Republican candidates elected first and foremost, anything else we allow, is out of courtesy.
Comment by Donald Joy on April 22, 2009 at 5:13pm
...and those early "pamphleteers" that published venom and vitriol against the King leading up to Lexington Green weren't necessarily "civil" I'd say!
Comment by Tom Whitmore on April 21, 2009 at 3:46pm
And hearts!!
Comment by Donald Joy on April 21, 2009 at 2:18pm
How do you mean? In people's minds...?
Comment by Tom Whitmore on April 21, 2009 at 2:07pm
The real American Revolution came before the first shot was fired!
Comment by Donald Joy on April 21, 2009 at 1:57pm
But to address your concern more directly, Tom, the consensus seems to be that the Tea Parties were a start--don't you get that same impression, that it all was clearly the beginning of something real and growing and ominous, a revolution of sorts?
Comment by Donald Joy on April 21, 2009 at 1:39pm
Mark, you said it exactly. Right on!!
Comment by Donald Joy on April 21, 2009 at 1:33pm
I don't think I missed the point of your blog, and I don't think most Tea Party-goers missed or are missing the real underlying causes of the credit collapse and the runaway entitlement boondoggle, the CRA shakedown of the banks, the Congressional Black Caucus' blackmailing of the entire financial industry, FNMA/FNMC all too eagerly rushing in to underwrite and back-stop all the bad debt--despite the propaganda of the media, the professors, and the Obama legions, the majority of Tea-Partiers are the ones who get it.

The masses of folks who turned out (on a workday, no less) for the prairie-fire protests across this land on April 15th are the very ones who really understand the true causes of it all, and that those causes are still in place, and are even being exacerbated and put on even more economic/political steroids by this criminal administration.

I strongly disagree when you say that it "was nothing." I saw, and expressed, real outrage at the Merrifield, VA post office Tea Party, and witnessed it on TV across this country. I and friends are still discussing and coming to grips with the implications and import of such an explosion across the fruited plain, such a spontaneous(despite Pelosi's and others' claims of "astroturfing" of the events) grassroots movement and massive turnout and expressions of genuine outrage. Especially wonderful was the housewife who gave the obstreperous Obama shill and combative, anti-Tea Party CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen a verbal beat-down right on camera so badly that CNN had the private citizen's video of the incident yanked from YouTube for a few days, claiming copyright, before Founding Bloggers got a version of it back up and spliced in with actual CNN footage to provide context of Roesgen's blatant bias and argumentativeness against earnestly outraged Tea Partiers. I also watched a video wherein a Republican congress-criminal who voted for TARP tried to give a speech in South Carolina, and was literally shouted down and booed for about ten minutes non-stop, people hollering loudly for him to "go home" and many in the crowd turning thier backs on him while he tried desperately to convince them that he was one of the good guys--the crowd was not buying it!

If you're trying to say that you were expecting to see--as a direct result of the Tea Parties' gathered and coalesced outrage--an immediate repeal of the worst parts of the Stalinist bill along with the scrapping of CRA and other drastic reforms, well, and are dismayed and disappointed that such is not the case, well, I'd join you in that except for the fact that I think it's unrealistic; the bums that are in office are the same bums that voted for it all, and have shown us over and over again that they will not listen to us, and so my contention is that we either have to a.) actually march on Capitol Hill and physically throw them out on their asses, along with other dramatic acts of defiance and disobedience, or b.) actually march to the polls in November of next year and express our outrage by starting afresh with a new nunch of bums who at least quiver with trepidation when they contemplate how we so vindictively voted out the last scurvy dogs from their predatory-spending perches.

I happen to think that the so-called "circular firing squads" among our own, within our party, are just a necessary and natural process that we must go through. It's just the agonizing and teeth-gnashing of recriminations and chastising of our own that has to take place in the aftermath of our horrible losses of late. The "last men standing" will be the ones that direct the picking up of the pieces and planning our renaissance.

It's exactly what the Democommies underwent in the devastating aftermath of their being so completely scorched by, yes, us ol' Republicans in '04--and look at them now! A good house-cleaning brawl is in order and well underway, likewise, for us these days.








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