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With no disrespect to this form, I want each of you look and really think of what's happening to America.

Americans do not care if it's a Red, Blue or whatever color you want to label a political group, but do care on having Representation that is equally represented with all views. And most importantly what is right for America and protecting our founding fathers principles and values.

It has been the political parties that have caused the distrust Americans have with our Government. Both Republicans and Democrats have been preaching to America the other party is the evil one and people should support their party.

Before our political process got out of control and becoming money hungry for contributions, we did have difference of views with both parties, and yet, we sat down to work things out to where their views and ours where EQUALLY represented.

I and many Americans now see our political parties as a bunch of whining babies who throw a tantrum if they do not get their way. There is backstabbing in both parties, corruption, dishonesty, thievery, bribes and a tremendous under the table dealing.

I as an American and a new Patriot participating on taking back America and doing what is necessary to replace anyone currently Representing us. Without this drastic and needed change, will leave cancerous Representatives in Office to corrupt new Representatives.

It's time to clean house and replace the career politicians with new "blood" with term limits. Otherwise, a true 2nd American Revolution will take place which will make the 1st American Revolution look like a skirmish.

The choice is ours, when and what we will do, is the question.

So if both parties would stop trying to out do each other, I am sure America would not have the issues we are dealing with today.

Side note: I am a registered Republican and not proud on the way the GOP has mishandled, or even tried responsibly, the GOP. Eric Cantor (Minority WHIP) for instance, has not one ounce of fortitude in standing up for GOP views or for what is right for America. I am not alone in my opinions, I speak what others are afraid of saying.

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