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In the matter of the Jeff Frederick controversy, I think there are some points that need to be examined more closely.

In the three plus months prior to this open debate, I don’t recall a single blog , forum discussion or comment by any “grassroots” RPVNetwork member complaining or questioning Jeff Frederick’s ability or results.

Within hours of the delivery of an SCC confidential correspondence, there seems to have been “leaks” to certain bloggers.

Almost immediately the media began to pick up on it, and there were confirmations and interviews. The reports are of a “grassroots” movement against the Chairman. Funny, how most of the true grassroots, were unaware of it.

Within another day or two there were groups of politicians, very vocally lining up against the chairman, while many more refused to get into the fray.

All the interviews have supported the same mantra, no one has spoken of anything specific or of wrongful nature that Jeff Frederick has done to warrant removal.

It would seem as if the leaks were intentional, to allow the garnering of support during the time Jeff Frederick prepared a response to the allegations.

The letter and authors/signers remains confidential.

There is currently an effort afoot to enlist the support of all the Unit Chairman around the state, to support the removal of Jeff Frederick.

In this year, the comeback year for Virginia Republicans, when the stars seemed to be aligned right, some among us seem to have lost sight of party unity. Instead of building coalitions and nurturing the party back to health while the Democrats duke it out, we yet again embarrass ourselves before the entire world.

For some reason, I can’t shake the feeling that, somehow, this is a centrally orchestrated coup d’etat by party leaders. I cannot believe that if it were a grassroots effort that it could have been so organized and that no word of it would have somehow leaked out on the RPVNetwork.

What do I think? I think this is breaking down along the lines of the “óld guard” party elite not recognizing the will of the grassroots, either in their desire for the change in leadership, evidenced by their vote at the last convention or their desire for a more conservative message and principles by the party and officials. You might say it is ideological, the moderates against the conservatives. Remember the heyday of the party? They were conservatives.

Look closely, wait for a response from the Chairman, then you be the judge.

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Comment by Sandy Cope on March 17, 2009 at 6:53pm
Thanks Donna, you see we are not so far apart on some issues, if you agree with what I have said.
Comment by Donna Holt (dljholt) on March 17, 2009 at 6:10pm
Well said, Sandy!
Comment by Tim Sheflin on March 17, 2009 at 1:44pm
In a time when unity and focus are of paramount importance, this petty attack does nothing more than erode any leadership we have attained. The charges to me are nothing more than an attempt by some older, ensconced party elitists who wish to see a business as usual approach rather than a lets take it to the streets approach. This is our Party and I'll be damded if I'm going to let some stuck on himself stuffed shirt dictate to me how this Party should be run. They had all better start listening to us, because whether they like it or not, we pay the bills. Can a list of these ne'er do well reperbates be posted so we can let them know just exactly how we feel?
At a time when leadership is very important, we must not let petty, personal priorities degrade us further into the depths we now find ourselves. Priority 1 should be taking our country back.
Comment by Sandy Cope on March 17, 2009 at 1:33pm
Tom- Thank you for posting this thread, and also thanks for posting the Jeff Frederick letter, with responses. It's really very sad that this has become such an open and nationally known squabble. A you said, it embarasses us all in Virginia. While I will never claim to know anything about politics, and after seeing all this come about, I will say thankfully I am ignorant in these kinds of shennanigans. I have heard for many months that there is an old group of Republican elites in Virginia, who will not give up their perceived power, and therefore ability to control everything political in the state. Right now, I don't particularly give a hoot at who is doing what, but, I would like nothing more than to see the Republican Party move forward, with a truly Conservative message. I was not aware that Jeff Frederick was only in his job for 1 year. While I understand that we took a bloodbath in the 2008 elections, and I don't for a minute give allowances for incompetence or disorganization, if that is the case, this would not be a job that one would have a 90 day trial period. By this time, I will think that those that support Mr. Frederick, see a positive path towards great victories for all Republicans running for elected office, and, particularly Republican victories for both Governor and Attorney General. In an election year where we fortunately have some very great candidates to vote on, we all know the job will still be very hard. I want knothing more than to "take Virginia back" from the most destructive Democratic control since I have been in Virginia, and that's for about 15 years. We so desperately need to gain more seats in the Virginia Senate, and we need to padd our majority in the House. With victories in all of those areas, the state will be a great model to follow for other states to imitate. If Bob McDonnell can in fact bypass all opposition to drilling for oil off our coast, we can and will tell the Federal Government to keep their dang dirty, all strings attached money, no thanks we can take care of ourselves. With Ken Cuccinelli's promise to seek state soverienty, and even go after those in his own party, who run astray from Conservative principles, we again will be a model of Conservatism for all to see, and follow. We can show everyone that Conservatism does in fact work every time it is tried. Our message must be strong and forceful and hit every Virginians ears with the promise of jobs, prosperity through lower taxes, energy independence with an all of the above approach, and most importantly it is the right choice for all Virginians as it is all inclusive to those that hold family and personal responsibility values near and dear.

After reading the charges, and the responses, it does appear as though the charges are petty, and it appears to be a witch hunt by a few who didn't "get their guy." We have about 7 months until the election, please please can we bag this whole thing, and get on with working for the good candidates we again are fortunate to have to run. It is so very critical that we take Virginia back, turn it Red again, and kick the Liberals butss to the curb.








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