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At 4:19pm on April 6, 2010, Marion A Timberlake Jr said…
Hello Lester, I wish you success on your run. There's a need for good men in politics. Marion
At 11:24pm on February 3, 2010, ROY L. BRITTAIN said…
How are the County Committees chosen? How are representatives to the Delegate/Senate Committees chosen? I noticed the CD Chair positions have filing fees. Who determines who runs for these offices? Finally, how is the State Central Committee chosen?

I just recently visited a meeting at the County level. Seems the participation level is very low, overall. I really get the feeling that those who can "pay their own way" can do just about anything within the Party. I'm just not getting a good feeling about all this. And, I sure want to learn EVERYTHING I can about the process.

We need to work within the system; but if the system isn't working, how do we change that?
At 9:00pm on May 9, 2009, Sandy Cope said…
Hi Lester- I changed my internet provider a while ago. My new email address is "sandycope@netzero.net". I will look forward to your email.
At 8:42pm on April 21, 2009, Kyle Graybeal said…

Thanks for inviting me. Of course I have missed the Feb meeting but will try to make it to others. Is there a written schedule of when they occur?
At 12:56pm on February 3, 2009, Colette Moran said…
Les --

It was very nice meeting you last night. I look forward to getting more active with the committee.

I read the letter you gave me last night. I think it is a very good approach. It will also possibly expose abortion providers who make women who enter their clinics feel "trapped." I think you should push on with this, and I would be willing to help if I can.

one last thing -- I wrote down "10 am Falls Run" -- was that the McConnell meeting? and what day is that, Thursday? Let me know...

Take care -- be in touch -- say hi to your wife and tell her I was glad to be her proxy!

At 2:29pm on February 1, 2009, Colette Moran said…
Sounds like a plan Les -- whereabouts in that building will the meeting be held? (is there a specific entrance you can steer me to?)

See you tomorrow

At 11:18am on February 1, 2009, Colette Moran said…
I'm in Stafford Lakes Village (near Geico on rte 17) -- it would be great to be able to vote -- I would defer to what you think your wife's wishes would be -- unless I strongly object! :)
But anyway it seems like an important meeting, so I will be there with bells on -- write back with whatever else I should know

At 9:28am on February 1, 2009, Kyle Graybeal said…
Thanks for inviting me. How do I go about joining the Fredericksburg group?

Kyle G.
At 8:23pm on January 31, 2009, Colette Moran said…
Lester --

Thanks for the welcome -- exactly what will be going on at the meeting on Monday? Who will be there and what will be discussed?

Let me know so I can figure out whether to attend or not...

At 9:54am on January 14, 2009, Alan Moore said…
done and done
At 4:31pm on January 11, 2009, Willie Deutsch said…
I noticed all the comments you were leaving with people. Great job. I've tried inviting Mick and Ken and the rest of the office to join the network and/or the group, but they don't seem to be responding so we'll see. I definately want to make this thing as big as possible and keep it much larger than Brownlee's or Fosters. We have the grassroots support, and I think the social networking sites help demonstrate this fact, as well as help organize and identify supporters.

Keep up the good work.
At 11:36am on January 11, 2009, Kathryn Williams said…
At 5:16pm on January 10, 2009, Jim Burns said…
I shall do that. Thanks for thinking of me. Take care..Jim.
At 12:13pm on December 14, 2008, Sandy Cope said…
Lester- I have read your comment to the article posted by dljholt concerning bringing Conservatism back to the party. I loved and appreciate your candid comments. When I did not receive any further messages back from you, I thought that we were probably not on the same page. When I wrote my comments to you on Dec. 8, I was reeling from just reading a comment by another that more or less stated that- If you are a Republican, and you don't just blindly follow the Party rules and vote for every Republican, just because they have an R after their name, you should be thrown under the bus, forgotten about, and ignored as someone who is not reliable. How harsh and dispiriting to those very much like dljholt and myself to name just 2. I am happy by reading your comments that you are on the same page. I really do look forward to working with people like you and those others that "get it." I noticed that you are in Fredericksburg. I used to live in Unionville, and shopped frequently in Fredericksburg. I am still not that far away in Barboursville. I unfortunately have little desire to search out those GOP people in Orange County, as they seem to go to sleep right after elections. I could be very wrong, but they do not make themselves very visable. Besides, Orange County, mostly being rural, is in the reliable column. We need to work hard in those areas which have become more reliably blue, like Charlottesville. Have a Great Day, and hope to exchange ideas with you often.
At 8:27am on December 8, 2008, Sandy Cope said…
Good morning Les, and thank you for your message with some suggestions for moving this party forward. I think your suggestion to get registrar lists and talk to people is great. It is my hope that with the election of a hopefully new RNC Chair. that the party will have a strong message of conservatism, and will be much more active with information and literature and the like. It is my opinion that this past year the R candidate did not subscribe to many of the principles and 2008 platform as found on the RNC website. That made it difficult for even those R's in Congress, and the R 's down the ballots. I'm sure you are aware of the lack of excitement and/or donations until Palin was added to the ticket. Many of us did what we had to do to try to win against the Liberals, but that support was mostly unenthusiastic. It is my greatest hope that our party now knows that we cannot win elections without having a clear distinct option, rather than trying to please everyone by parking in the middle. As I am sure you are aware, so very many were attracted to Palin because she was that distinct difference, and more so represented us as to opposed to what are perceived as the elites.

I am very enthusiastic now, as it seems that the party is moving in the right direction, and that is what I want so much to be a part of. I am not a squish, so to speak, I am a conservative, and would have a hard time trying to sell someone who was conservative on one or two issues, and then veered left off the reservation on many others. The perfect candidate does not exist, but we can come close.

As far as going door to door, I will need to feel the conviction from the party, have some concrete literature to back up what I am trying to convince others to believe. During Fred Thompson's campaign, he had a one page analysis of his positions as compared to the other frontrunners. Is there any possibility that the RPV can do something similar. For example can we do an analysis sheet comparing the positions of Bob McDonnell as compared to McAuliffe (if he is the D candidate)? Then I have something I can leave with those I talk to as a reminder once I leave.

I also have gotten a message from Mr. Schoenewald (sp) with contact information for Albemarle County. He will connect me to the Orange County GOP, which I honestly didn't know existed. I will look forward to attending the Republican breakfast meetings once a month in Charlottesville, and volunteering at the Republican Headquarters once they reopen after Christmas.

Now that you have some better idea of where I stand and what I believe, I hope you will send me any and all suggestions you may have for what I can do to help. I also wish more members here would post articles, blogs, ideas, opinions and whatever, and would take the time to comment on what others have to say. Even if you don't agree, or have no interest in that topic, anyone can find a few words to add. It is important to stay engaged and contribute. This is everyone's movement, not just a few. I know that sometimes people are shy, or they feel that they don't have anything intelligent to say, or don't want to be seen as "dumb." That misconceived perception must go. It would be great if someone would do a post addressing that.

Thank you for message, I look forward to working together to get this great country back on the right tracks. Have a great day, Sandy
At 11:36pm on December 7, 2008, Tom Whitmore said…
Lester, I just got back from the Advance and am catching up. Thanks for your letter. I will say that it is up to us as a party to field good candidates and to not only provide campaign platform points but to provide position statements for each candidate, so as not to leave our volunteers flatfooted. We must also choose candidates who support the party and subscribe to our values and principles. The last thing we need are more candidates that require Republicans to choose between them and party! Or ones that can't unite behind the nominee that the party has chosen.
At 10:52pm on December 6, 2008, Kathryn Coombs said…
Yep - that's me - I was about to add "hi, Les!" to my post on the introductions thread on the Fredericksburg area GOP -- didn't realize you were in Stafford now - hey, neighbor!
At 1:16am on December 6, 2008, Tom Whitmore said…
Welcome aboard, Lester! Thanks for joining the battle to turn Virginia red. Browse the site then join in. Don't forget to bring your friends along the Red Dog Express has plenty of room.








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