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I was so proud of the Republican Senators that finally stood up, and listened to the Will of The People, as well as some of the brightest economists. Yesterday, the White House (the Bush Administration) took a U turn from their earlier position that they did not agree with a bailout.


I have a problem with a "Car Czar", we live in the United States, a Republic, we don't have Czar's, especially appointed by a President that also appointed a Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, who may be the worst Treasury Secretary in history.

Bush is trying to avoid a "disorderly" bankruptcy???

I will backtrack on my belief that Pres. Bush is enabling the push into Socialism if what I heard on Fox News is correct. Paulson does not want to use the TARP Funds for the auto makers unless the Unions are willing to accept the Corker recommended concessions for UAW workers.

The reason I say that hindsight is 20/20 vision only for some, is apparently the Bankruptcy Petition filed by United Airlines back in about 2003 should be a good lesson for some to have learned. They emerged from bankruptcy in 2006, and are still going strong. The unions were a big part of the problems then, as they are now for the Auto Makers.


In particular, GM is United Airlines, just as Gettlefinger is Frederick Dubinsky/Roger Hall. The following linked article by Robert J. Boser, Editor in Chief of Airline Safety.com could have been written today, just changing the name from United Airlines to General Motors. The similarities are incredible.

"Unions do not create and protect jobs; they destroy them."


Update as of 12/18/08

House and Senate Republicans send President letters asking him not to use TARP funds to bailout the Big 3. They have pointed out that to use the TARP funds, which were authorized by Congress, are not within his authority to use, it would be unconstitutional.


Chrysler and GM have restarted talks concerning a possible merger. In the meantime Chrysler and Ford are extending their normal 2 week close down to about a month. Even though they will not be producing anything in that time period the workers will still receive their unemployment benefits in addition to the supplemental unemployment benefits paid by the automakers. The supplemental pays the difference between the state unemployment benefit and brings each worker up to 90% of their normal pay rate.


It appears that the UAW still has no plans for further concessions from their workers. The story about the UAW Golfcourse doesn't help to convince many that they are concerned with the Big 3 rather than with their own juicy perks.



As much as the majority was against the Auto Bailouts, President Bush did go against the Senate who failed to pass the Bail Out Legislation. He did however include concession requirements by the UAW in his plan. Not an hour after Bush announced his Bailout plan, Gettelfinger, UAW President, made public statements that the "auto workers were unfairly targeted" , and that he will wait for the Obama Administration to remove those requirements. For sake of civility, thanks Ron, you Socialist Ingrate, for the thanks us taxpayers are getting from you. But, what else could one expect from an Obama elector, Card Check promoter and Nationalized Healthcare advocate.

The American taxpayers are the ones who have been unfairly targeted. There are not many that don't believe that the Bailout monies have bailed out the UAW, not the Big 3. The 3 million auto workers still have their jobs, and for that they should be grateful. The unemployed workers of this country don't have the luxury of knowing they still have a paycheck coming in whatever amount, let alone the more than adequate paychecks received by these union workers, not including their benefits.

Wiki Gettelfinger- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Gettelfinger

Obama and Big Labor-


Here is an organization that we all need to get behind and support financially and otherwise, they are one of our only hopes to stop the Card Check legislation that Obama and the Liberals will try their best to pass-


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An Excellent response George. So let's see if I got this right. If the Government wasn't interfering in the employment free market via Wagner Act, interfering with energy free markets by restricting new energies, interfering with housing markets via CRA we might actually be competitive in world markets, we may not have had to face the downturn of the last couple years(or at least not as severe) and the American taxpayer wouldn't have the additional kick in the teeth of "bailouts"! Sounds kinda Republican don't you think, smaller government and less interference by same. Maybe we should all insist that our Congress address the root causes of our problems rather than look for more megabillion band-aids. Or at least do both in concert. For the time being though, some form of bankruptcy looks like the only cure for what really ails GM, the UAW!! I am not ready to condemn President Bush. From his perspective what is going on in the Auto industry is not wholly their fault and a lot of the problem has been wrought by the above mentioned government interference. I am sure he is feeling pangs of Federal guilt, and that the loans/bailouts are the most expedient and safest way to get the economy rolling again, I just wish that some tougher requirements had been attached to all of the loan/bailout moneys. Lets start working on fixing the real problems, no more band-aids.
Right on, Mr. Daily!!!

George Daily said:
Princeton University economist Uwe Reinhardt once quipped that GM had become a giant social-insurance program that just happened to sell a few cars on the side.

That’s because GM has 96,000 active workers and 1,000,000 retirees and widows all receiving lifetime incomes and health care benefits. Recently, GM announced it would idle some assembly lines. You may have missed the news that idled GM workers will continue to receive 95% of their wages during this shut down. If permanently laid off, UAW workers enter the “job bank” where they will continue to be paid full wages, without working, for four years.

Until recently, Americans had little reason to care about GM’s labor agreement with the UAW. That, of course, was before the Federal Government decided to give GM $17.4 billion, for starters, under the threat that if GM lost this money it would have to pay it back. It’s not clear how this math works but that’s the deal. So, now auto workers in Alabama making $45 an hour in wages and benefits are supporting auto workers in Michigan who make $75 an hour in wages and benefits. For that matter, cashiers at Wal-Mart who earn $7.50 an hour and every other taxpayer in the country regardless of how much or how little they earn is supporting UAW workers, retirees and the widows of UAW retirees. Most Americans have to settle for Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare, yet they are supporting generous pensions and health care benefits for UAW members. Americans used to work the first five months of the year for the government. That’s how long it used to take just to pay the annual tax bill. Now, after working for the government for five months, Americans will have to work for the UAW for a while before they begin to work for themselves and their families.

GM has been roundly criticized for “mismanagement”. Curiously, the same mismanagement produces profits for GM’s overseas operations.

Maybe GM shouldn’t have agreed to unsustainable union contracts. But, in 1935 FDR signed the Wagner Act which forced employers to recognize unions as the sole bargaining agent for workers. Since the government assured that there was no other source of labor, GM could either come to agreement with the UAW or stop building cars.

Then there is the charge that GM failed to move quickly enough to build fuel efficient cars that the American public wants to buy. But, there is no evidence for this assertion. The fact is that in the present economic environment Americans aren’t buying any cars, fuel efficient or not. Toyota is forecasting its first operating loss in 70 years. Any casual observer can see that the highways are filled with GM pickup trucks, SUVs and full sized cars. It would seem that Americans aren’t interested in buying tiny fuel efficient cars. Yet, that is exactly the kind of car that the Federal Government demands that GM spend billions to engineer, develop and build. GM makes a profit of between $500 and $1,500 on their full sized cars, pickups and SUVs and loses between $500 and $1,500 for every car they are forced to build to satisfy CAFÉ standards imposed by the government.

CAFÉ standards are, in part, the government’s response to previously high oil imports. A situation caused by the government’s 30 year ban on offshore and domestic oil drilling, obstruction of development of shale oil deposits and obstruction of nuclear and coal fired power plants. This energy policy is governed by environmental groups who, in spite of ten years of cooling temperatures, promote the notion that man-made global warming through CO2 emissions will destroy the planet. Newsflash: Global Warming is what happens between ice ages. CO2 is plant food, not a pollutant and it is the Sun that warms the Earth.

Now, whose mismanagement should we be concerned about?
"An Excellent response George. So let's see if I got this right. If the Government wasn't interfering in the employment free market..."

To save time and effort we could just as well say that we have no problems that government has not created or made worse.

BTW, I fully expect that an argument will emerge that places the blame for GM's failure and the need of a taxpayer bailout on the lack of universal health care coverage. After all, if GM were not saddled with these "legacy" costs, their wages and benefit costs would be in line with their non-union competitors.

One way or another, I'm betting that the end result of all this will be that taxpayers will assume the pension and health care obligations of GM, Ford and Chrysler to union retirees.
George- That has been my thought all along. I have bought into the statements that most of these crises if not all have been manufactured by the Liberals so as to convince the uninformed of how Socialized Healthcare is the only answer, as well as Nationalization of companies that are so called too big to fail. I understand that Daschle has already adopted Englands version of Socialized Healthcare. This is going to be one of the greatest challenges of our Republican members of Congress, as well as us thousands or millions who are so opposed to this disaster.

I'm sure if the Big 3 get rid of the Healthcare costs for both current workers and retirees, it will be a major savings for the Big 3. I doubt that even the most ardent Obama supporters will go along with being taxed to pay for a certain groups pensions. That will then open up another Government Program to override the current Social Security program as I cannot see them paying more retirement benefits to anyone based on their previous employment. Isn't that how Obama is going to redistribute the wealth? Didn't he say that everyone should have an equal part of the pie? Cradle to Grave Socialism at it's finest. So, even those that have not paid any taxes will still reap the same benefits. Isn't that his false utopian vision?

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