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A new interview with Alan Keyes. Quite Contoversial, What Do You Think?

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Hardline? I think not, Alan Keyes may sound radical but he's right. If Obama isn't qualified then it truely is the biggest hoax ever played on America. Our President is already leading us toward a socialist healthcare (which we can't afford) that will further bankrupt our country. Our system is already corrupt, with the Federal Reserve printing out as much money as the government deems fit with no backing. Our economy is faltering, our dollar is dropping, our prices are skyrocketing and no one seems to care. The American people have come to a point where they believe it's ok for the government to take care of them, it's the governments responsibility. "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." - Alexis de Tocqueville
I'm not wasting any of my time trying to find out if Obama was truly an American. If someone else can uncover evidence to that point then Obama should be immediatley removed from office.

Let us not forget that to the left this isn't about fixing the economy. It is about moving America permantly to the left. It is about securing and centrallizing power in Washington. To Obama this is also about Slave Reparations. It is amazing to me that people haven't been on the ball on that one. That's the whole deal with the tax breaks for people who don't pay taxes, the mortgage bail out where the govt will get to decide who gets their loans restructured, the increase in inner city health care coverage, the billions to acorn. They could never have gotten reparations accross calling them that. Instead they will take the wealth as they see fit and disperse it as they see fit. Once they've completely destroyed then nationalized the banks the government will have the power to pick all of the winners and losers. Want a business loan but not a minority....SORRY. Want a line of credit to help with payroll but don't have a union workforce....SORRY.

I agree we need to take care of business in the next election. That will not happen if we allow O'bama to buy the majority of Americans votes. We need to make people see that whether on not the stimulous is working for them it is NOT constitutional to arbitrarily redistribute the countries wealth. Obama is a marxist and the whole of the democratic party save a few desenters must be stopped by any means necessary.
I forget when it was but at one point, I think it was back when Obama was running for Senate, I believe the question of slave reparations came up. Obama's answer was to the tune that he didn't think that would go far enough to undo a century of injustice ans thought that equality could be achieved through govt programs such as nationalized healthcare.

Then again I could be completely thinking of someone else.

Here's an example though. There are grant programs specifically, and exclusively designed to help inner city residents buy homes. You can get up to 10k of free money towards your downpayment if you live in the city and meet the low income requirements. Since my wife has not found work I actually met the requirements so I figured what the heck and I applied. My banker kind of laughed and said "I don't think your their target market." He didn't say it but I'm pretty sure I know what he meant. He said they can usually find some reason not to give you the money. And they did. I got the letter a few days later.

Maybe it's not slave reparations but I'm sure there are those who look at it as just that.
I agree it is divisive. If I was looking to sell a newspaper or just to be controversial it would be a good way to frame the argument. As a matter of practicality it is not. That doesn't make it not true.
''I have said in the past -- and I'll repeat again -- that the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed,'' Illinois Democrat Barack Obama said recently.

This was when he was running for President. It is plain to see that a lot of what they are pushing are what they consider slave reparations. No they will not ask for a check to each black family. They are simply molding the stimulus bill to help a far greater proportion of blacks than whites.

Yes I realize its controversial and there's plenty of solutions that we need to talk about but In Alan Keyes defense: He's right on a lot of what he said.
You are of course correct on that. I only added the quote so it looked like I did a little bit of homework. I assure you I'm not spending my time ranting about this type of thing. The problem with it all is that economically it won't work and constitutionally it goes against the model of this country. What anyones motives are for it are far less important except those motives that go towards the centralization of power.

I see how much work you put into your Black History Month thread and I felt I could at least look up one quote.
Thanks, Mark! The more we focus on the positive and work together finding solutions, the sooner we start impacting the voters in a positive way.

Coby has presented some disparaging numbers to us. Whether they are a result of self affliction or were aided by the media, we still have a lot of work to turn the Republican brand to good from bad.

We have to wrap our solutions to problens in a framework of our principles. We need to show everyone that the application of our principles will solve many of their problems and explain why.

They will only listen and understand if our message is positive, if we go negative, they will shut us out, and not even listen, nevermind, understand.

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