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Thank you for posting the draft of the treaty as well as the highlighting and side bar notes. I understand that your focus was our second amendment, however, as I read through the draft there were several additional articles that concerned me.

Article one refers to 'unauthorized end users'. My understanding of that term refers to anyone that the UN does not deem to be authorized, i.e. private gun owners.

Article two para. B.2 states that 'the treaty does not apply if a State maintains control of weapons outside of its borders. In other words, Russia or Iran could provide attack helicopters to Syria as long the providing country maintained ownership and sent a crew member to maintain control.

Article 6.2 states that the treaty will not void contractural obligations under defense cooperation agreements. In other words, lets just sign a piece of paper and the whole treay is null al viod for whatever actions the parties agree to.

Article 18, para 2 & 3 are regarding withdrawal from the treaty. Countries withdrawing from the treaty 'shall not be released from the treaty that they agreeded to while it was a party to the treaty'. Which means that countries are bound in perpetuity.

Thank you for all you do for the RPV.

God speed.

Judy Magnussen

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