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I'm wanting to start an online weblog/website. What are some good websites?

Good bloggers?

What are important features of good websites? weblogs?

I am looking at contracting with a webhost service. Can anyone recommend one?

Thank you,
Calvin Kelley

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Calvin- We have some articles that you will be interested in, Click Underlined Link:
Ron Paul and Libertarian Websites

We write at, Click Underlined Link: Rebuild The Republican Party also, you can "Sign-Up" from this page and start writing.

Our latest article, Click Underlined Link:"Cap-and-Trade" Bill Spins Electrical "Smart Grid"

Perhaps it would help if you could spell out a little more your vision and focus of what you are trying to accomplish with your Blog/website. If you want to build a following, I think you need something that goes beyond or is a bit unique compared to the thousands of other sites out there. If I were to do it, and I have thought about it from time to time, I would focus on how the grassroots can retrieve their political power from a group of entrenched elites who use their citizen-derived powers to shut out those same citizens in future elections. Good Luck.
Calvin Kelley ,That is good advice Lester Gabriel gave to you.

At least in my experience an unintended result of developing a specialized blog is a narrowed the number of people that are interested.
Moreover, on the web it seems that the less people find a work the harder it is to find.
Feedback from readers seems is also very important in developing skill and content.
Dovetailing my interests with other peoples' interests is essential if I am to avoid the slow skill development that comes with isolation.
My suggestion for myself is to practice responding to both issues and people in forum discussions.
Naturally, I will speak my understanding of the issues as they apply.

I am finding that I have more and higher quality conversations if I:
1) do not write too much content in one reply ,
2) write succinctly ,
3) pose questions that I honestly want to know ,
4) pose questions that suggest what I would say next - better yet
5) prepare the discussion for someone to put forth what is needed next in a way that they retain 'ownership' of their investment in the contributed idea. Equitable conversations require that respect for others. It appears to me that a blog that does not offend by pontificating will give that respect to the reader before it can be asked – I don’t know how to do that yet, but I am working on it. ( SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? )

It is also not necessary to begin your blogging avocation by spending YOUR money that might serve you better in your saving account or as a contribution to your favorite cause. Prevailing in Election 2010 necessary if we are to save our republic - The money bomb is very effective when a right candidate in the right race is running a right campaign.

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