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We now have a great ticket and we all need to get to work. How will we maximize each opportunity? The youngest among us are sometimes the wisest. Joseph Taylor, who many of you know as an avid and helpful campaigner, did something that I think we all need to do with every opportunity we have. Joseph met two young bell hops at the Omni Hotel who were curious about our events and why we were in Richmond. Joseph took the time to talk to them about Bob McDonnell, the Republican party and current issues. These two young men liked what Joe had to say and they are ready to get involved. They took our their cell phones and keyed in the text message numbers for Bob's campaign right there in front of Joe and they're on board now. Joe took action and defined the party straight and accurately and these two young men felt honored that someone from our party reached out to them. This type of interaction is priceless and yields a better result than expensive advertising.

My wise and energetic husband Tito has a gift for doing this type of outreach also. While most of us were focused on our dinner plates at the gala, Tito took time to talk to the waitresses, making sure they all knew we appreciated the service they were offering us. At all of the events, he walked through all of the hotels greeting the staff the same way he greeted fellow Republicans. Treating people this way comes from the heart and is part of the conservative walk. He didn't even need to talk politics (although he often did); he was projecting his true self as a GOPer, a walking advertisement for the party.

If we all did this on a daily basis we will have a much easier time growing our ranks and electing our candidates. Imagine the thousands of us at the convention each taking the time to reach out to a few people whose perception of our party had been formed from what they see on MSNBC. Each one of us can change perceptions and find supporters. Just do it. Outreach daily my friends..not a sermon, just a thought.
Thank you Joseph Taylor!

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Appreciate your posting!!
That's how I roll out here. I like interacting with everyone. I never forget where I came from.
People like that.

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