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Democrats United in Saying No to Virginia Jobs


On Friday, I asked the Democratic candidates for Governor a simple question: Would they join me in supporting the creation of thousands of new jobs for Virginians, the addition of hundreds of millions in new revenue for healthcare, transportation and education, and a move towards energy independence?

They all said no.

The issue is simple. Virginia has the opportunity to be the first state on the Eastern Seaboard to lease exploration and development rights for natural gas and oil off of our shores. Exploration would take place in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner, 50 miles off our coastline, far out of sight from our beaches.

Unfortunately, the Governor is working to delay this action and all three Democratic candidates for Governor put their special interests ahead of job-creation and economic development, by saying no to offshore exploration and development.

Offshore energy development is one part of an overall solution to our economic and energy challenges. We need to develop and bring to market renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, and biodiesel. But during this process, we are still going to need traditional energy sources to keep our economy moving, our houses warm, and our cars on the road.

According to one estimate, there are 130 million barrels of oil and 1.14 trillion cubic feet of natural gas off Virginia's coast. A study by a professor at Old Dominion University, forecasts that natural gas production alone off Virginia’s coast would create 2,578 new jobs, and produce $271 million in state and local revenue. Unfortunately, the Democratic candidates said no to Virginia jobs and yes to the special interests.

If you believe we should say yes to Virginia jobs and economic development, click here to contribute or visit www.BobMcDonnell.com to get involved in my campaign.

Bob McDonnell

News Coverage

Northern Virginia Daily: Virginia is sitting on an economic gold mine just waiting to be unleashed, former Republican Attorney General Bob McDonnell said Friday, challenging his three Democratic opponents to join him in supporting offshore oil exploration.

"As governor of Virginia I will support legislation that will open Virginia's offshore waters, starting at 50 miles off the coast, to environmentally safe exploration and drilling for oil and gas," McDonnell said.

NBC 12: “All three candidates (Terry McAuliffe, Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran) released strong statements in opposition to the letter”

The Washington Post: "I urge the Democratic candidates for governor to put aside their pandering to special interests and do what's right for Virginia families,'' McDonnell said. "Democrats need to stop saying no to new jobs and revenue for Virginia."

WHSV: McDonnell, “Offshore production of natural gas and oil is not the entire solution to our economic and energy challenges, but it is part of the solution and we need to stop with the delays and start making progress.

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"Exploration would take place in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner, 50 miles off our coastline, far out of sight from our beaches." In general that is a good statement but the implication is that we would do it in a manner that is unfriendly to the environment." Huhhhhhh! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mark Collins said:
The only other thing about his statement that bothers me is that he made a point of saying "Exploration would take place in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner, 50 miles off our coastline, far out of sight from our beaches." In general that is a good statement but the implication is that we would do it in a manner that is unfriendly to the environment. Even the most evil businessman doesn't want the negative publicity brought about by environmental tragedy. We have however seen that "environmentally friendly" can be loosely interpretted and that environmental groups can use that to make exploration unprofitable.

I'm just sayin'
The statement comes off as defensive. It does not imply that you truly believe in your position if you are automatically defending your actions. That's all I'm saying.
The natural gas is also out there Scott. But even at current low oil prices what's 130 million x $43. If they don't want it I'll take it.
Well let's see here, these were conservative estimates as to the amount of oil($5,850,000,000.00) and natural gas($46,000,000,000.00), there is likely much, much more. Is there anyone here that doesn't think it's worth the trouble to move some available drilling platforms to Virginia's coast and start tapping over $50 billion dollars of energy reserves, thus, creating jobs, bolstering our economy and help pay for existing programs and thereby ease the pressure on our wallets?

I am sure 233 years ago there were those, whose contribution was only to decry the King, the inequities of his rule and efforts by anyone else to make things better. Thank goodness we had those, who we more commonly referred to as the "Founding Fathers", to take the time to offer up solutions for our future.
Wake up and smell the coffee Scott!

The country spoke up in regards to drilling. Do you by any chance remember that ?
Of course, in case you haven't noticed, that has all been put on hold under our current administration.

By the way, have you noticed under the current administration, how many jobs will be created in the energy sector in Virginia ??

Produce FACTS Scott, and we will be happy to oblige. Bob McDonnell will produce FACTS and the state of VIRGINIA has acknowledged exploratory drilling, which Barak was OK with 1 year ago.

I will produce his statement in regards to drilling should you call my bluff.

Thank You
Hey Scott !
First of all, I APPRECIATE your service to protect the freedom and liberty of our country. Thank You !

In regards to your comments of the last election. Yes the people have made a statement.

I am still looking for FACTS from the citizens of VIRGINIA ( or you ), which will produce jobs, in regards to the energy sector.

President O Bama campaigned on "clean coal technology" and exploratory research, which you still have not addressed.

Scott, I am sure you are being coached by someone- I am NOT. I am conservative everyday American, who is struggling to make it WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM GOVERNMENT.
Hey, what happened to Scott's comment?
That's a good question.

Sandy Cope said:
Hey, what happened to Scott's comment?

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