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That during these hard economic times, which everyone is focusing on, Obama has the perfect opportunity to focus on other controversial issues? Let me explain, with all of the news people, all of the liberal media, all of the conservative talk radio shows, are focusing on the economy. As this is going on, Obama and Congress are also working on Card Check and Fairness Doctrine legislation. Not to mention Obama pretty much surrendering the war in Iraq. Obama and Congress have the perfect opportunity to pass things like this due to everyone is focusing on the economy! I'm not saying we shouldn't focus on the economy we should. But what about the other issues???

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Conservative talk radio is focusing on the Fairness Doctrine, Card Check, the fact that we printed a trillion dollars out of thin air for the Fed to loan to itself(Hahahaha that's a good one), the AIG Bonus issue (which is a distraction) and a myriad of other daily issues. Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity can only talk about what they or anyone else knows, as the Liberals in Congress are doing everything in secret, behind closed doors. Some are saying that Obama is trying to do too much at once, not understanding that that is the goal. Overload everyone with so much at one time, they lose sight of the most sinister moves to communism. The daily talk of crisis after crisis after crisis is another trick to make everyone so fearful that they look to the Government to "solve the crises" which in many cases are manufactured crises, nonetheless we are all feeling the effects every time we shop for most anything.
Sandy is absolutely right. I'll take it a step further by saying that I think the blitzkrieg of new legislation is an intentional effort to keep talk radio and any other potential critics from focusing too long on any single issue. First it was the stimulus, then, before that could get any traction, we were hit with national health care, then card check, then the $3 trillion budget, now AIG. They are throwing so much at us that we cannot possibly mount an effective opposition.

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