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If you would of told me a year ago obama would win with a walking stiff like biden and that a vet and pow and that women would drag another female through the mud i would of said your crazy lets not even talk about how this guy was like sen. for what two years and had such a liberal voting record he almost makes john kerry look conservative like i said ALMOST! maybe thats taking it to far.

But does everyone get what i mean i mean america the last three presidents clinton,bush, and obama each man had less exp. then the next who will be the next president a guy who was the mayor of a small town for a day? i wonder about such things it seems like we are voting we meaning americans are voting on the image of the person running i mean how could someone like obama become preident hes friends and started with bill ayers a terrorist who says they wish they bombed more places and they did not do enough acorn who was accused of all the fake names and voter fraud his racist rev. and also obmas pitty trip and playing the race card.

I mean this is a man the first lady considers this a man a guy who cries like a wimp saying i dont look like all the other guys on the dollar bills this is our so called strong leader? i must say im not very happy about the 2008 and how things went down and McCain was a awful choice if you ask me sarah palin would of made a better choice i mean at least she was fighting for this thing and what was the point of doing all that work for two or three weeks in pa. its a blue state was he just old or stupid????????? i mean states we lost like ohio florida and va. we could of won and trying to win more votes in those states made a lot more sense.

Also the al franken thing far from sits well with me how the hell does the conservative win the liberal cry-baby screams foul then they find all those other so called votes in the back of somebodys car does something stink here or is it just me if none of my points are valid and im a crazy man please tell me so i mean when i grew up as a kid in the 70's and early 80's i never thought america would turn into this.-ken

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