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Initiate a cascade of CONSTITUTIONAL RESET - TRUE-the-VOTE Petition Invokes a Governor's Obligation


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TRUE-the-VOTE – A Petition Invoking the Governor's Obligation

Initial Delivery on 12/15/2010 with




Honorable Bob McDonnell, Governor of VIRGINIA

1111 East Broad Street, 3rd Floor Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804/786-2211 - Fax: 804/371-6351

Dear Honorable Bob McDonnell, Governor of VIRGINIA:


In accord with the Governor of VIRGINIA’s duty pursuant to the Constitutions and duly authorized laws of the United States and the State of VIRGINIA:

Article VI Section 7."The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed." . . ."The Governor shall be commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Commonwealth and shall have power to embody such forces to repel invasion, suppress insurrection, and enforce the execution of the laws."

our Governor of VIRGINIA,  Hon. Bob McDonnell, has explicit oath bound duties established in:

Va Article I Section 2. "People the source of power.  That all power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people, that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.”

Va Article I Section 6. "Free elections; consent of governed.  That all elections ought to be free; and that all men, having sufficient evidence of permanent common interest with, and attachment to, the community, have the right of suffrage, and cannot be taxed, or deprived of, or damaged in, their property for public uses, without their own consent, or that of their representatives duly elected, or bound by any law to which they have not, in like manner, assented for the public good"

Va Article II Section 1. Qualifications of voters.

And the Code of VIRGINIA § 24.2-611. Regarding Elections

that gives cause to makes and enforce as need be an executive order to the effect  that the VIRGINIA State Board of Elections will this day, or as soon as may be, convey  a final of these DRAFT instructions to the local electoral boards and to every officer of election in every precinct of VIRGINIA giving instruction that they are to be diligent in securing the legitimacy of the election in accord with “assure that the records of the election are accurate” (§ 24.2-611) specifically fulfilling the law by:

#Action01) ‘by requiring that every person who to votes be positively identified as a voter registered in that precinct by photo ID

secure that the voter only votes once by

A) marking the roll record of that precinct voter as having voted (as has been traditional)

B) and additionally offering the voter the opportunity to both

1) show others that they have voted and

2) to secure the legitimacy of the vote against the risk of voters voting in more than one precinct by that voter boldly marking their right thumb with ink, If the voter chooses not to ink their thumb the voter’s role record is so marked to aid in cross precinct audits of the registration for individual having multiple ID’s and registrations. As much as timely possible the ink will be

a) neatly offered on a pad,

b) antiseptic yet of non-toxic non-allergenic composition,

c) purple in color and composed with florescent pigments, and

d) makes a mark that is suitably durable.

#Action03) By gathering or confirming the voter’s current residence address

By gathering or confirming the voter’s citizenship, place of birth, parent citizenship and naturalization (as need be)

By a) publishing this Executive Order in the precinct’s local newspaper and

b)displaying this Executive Order prominently upon the entrance of the polling place so that those who might be considering voting fraud crimes might think better. In the publishing of this executive order the precinct election officials will declare any staffing need that they have and ask that civic-minded precinct residents and members of civic or political organizations contact them in that regard. The Election officers shall daily report, up their proper chain of authority, what progress they have made in fulfilling this executive order since their last report so that the Governor will know what additional measures are require to fulfill his duty in a timely fashion. After the elections there is still work that must be done to assure that the records of the election are accurate” :

The lawful citizenship of each voter in VIRGINIA needs to be confirmed by reference to either their naturalization record of their birth certificated showing appropriate parental citizenship


#Action07) Each voter is confirmed as being registered to vote in NO more than one voting precinct in the U.S.A.

The voting machines are proven to have a securely auditable count that preserves secret ballot by properly encrypted paper tape with properly encrypted receipt for each voter to secure the paper tape and count against being hacked.

Suspected incidents of voting fraud or questionable practices are secured by multiple points of reporting. This also helps secure witnesses against retaliation.

Use a combined inquiry by both special local and special multidistrict grand juries to audit voting by mail, voting machine data security and audit security. The special multidistrict grand jury is required because of the range of jurisdictions covered and the expertise that the special multidistrict grand jury will have to develop and share with local special grand juries - in part this serves as a check on the thoroughness of expertise. This appointment of special grand juries is by the Governor's Executive Order as required "take care that the laws" regarding the duties of a grand jury "be faithfully executed".

That grand jury duty is particularly set out in Va§19.2-191. Functions of a grand jury." . . ." (2) To investigate and report on any condition that involves or tends to promote criminal activity, either in the community or by any governmental authority, agency or official thereof. These functions may be exercised by either a special grand jury or a regular grand jury as hereinafter provided."


IMPLEMENTATION CONTEXT: Prompt issuance of this EO serves more immediate and larger purposes in that it establishes:



The obligatory nature of this TRUE-the-VOTE invocation of the governor's duty is supported by 58 or so FOIA record requests of the duly authorized public law of VIRGINIA that would permit the governor lawful to "resist the execution of the laws" as invoked herein.  I believe that lawfully obligatory answer to each of the record requests is "NO such duly authorized record of law granting that exemption to the law exists." Those FOIA record requests are in the coming TRUE-the-JUDICIARY petition in which the governors duty to stop the customary felonies of EVERY officer of the court (member of the bar).  While the Governor has not received these exact VFOIA record requests he has cause to have been familiar with their nature for several years.



In that TRUE-the-JUDICIARY petition the governor's duty is invoked with the suggestion that he demand the surrender of EVERY member of the VIRGINIA Bar - including every judge, justice and federal judge in VIRGINIA - asking that they make a plea for their pardon supported by penance, remedy and toothy particular parole oath.  The officers of the court, now made honorable, and freed from the burden of some 300 hundred years of cavalier conceit of authority that matured into felony,  will of necessity by the power of their witness required by law[1234] initiates a cascade of CONSTITUTIONAL RESET rectifying EVERY branch of government at ALL levels.


I delivered this petition to Gov. McDonnell on 12/15 so that he has time to announce his EO and notice to the members of the bar in time to make his official call for surrender on 12/25, the anniversary of George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River, and calling for that surrender and plea for pardon by fax on 12/26 so that indictment and trial may not be required by law.  12/26 is the anniversary of George Washington's  Victory at Trenton, NJ.

D) WHY TRUE-the-VOTE now?

The surrender and plea for pardon by ALL officers of the court (state bar) is a proverbial Come-to-Jesus moment, but on a smaller scale with our governor acting as a smaller scale stand-in, these dates are highly appropriate.  
In that the honor of all the judiciary in Virginia is now rectified and secured there is little realistic risk in Obama and Biden's resignation so that Pelosi might take BHO's place and be much more difficult to manage than BHO. So long as Obama, by fraud, remains de facto POTUS while not de jure POTUS all legislation and EOs that Obama signs into law are VOID ab inito.  Many lawless violence prone progressive's may have a problem with this rapid change in political fortunes.  This TRUE-the-VOTE and the governor's executive order rising from it both balk Soros' step 4) in his five step plan and gives those lawless violence prone progressives a soft landing by removing any cause they might have to claim lawless disenfranchisement.  (For those reasons I ask that patriots continue signing this petition (for periodic delivery) and follow the EO's implementation in your precinct with your neighbors.)  This "Constitutional Reset" should eliminate alienation and alienation's toxic effects - and not give any cause for alienation to increase.  I know of no social or economic dysfunction (i.e., 'sin') that does not have alienation as its root cause.

Please act in accord with "The man who has knowledge of how to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin." James 4:17

Patriots, Please enter your electronic signature at www.ipetitions.com/petition/true-the-vote-virginia/ and tell the other members of 'Virginia Resistance' that you have by replying 'Done'.

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The following message has been sent to the Governor: 2010-12-16 ~11:AM


Subject: Re: Initiate a cascade of CONSTITUTIONAL RESET with TRUE-the-VOTE Executive Order - Petition Invoking the Governor's Obligation

Message:  Your Honor: Thank you for receiving this "Re: Initiate a cascade of CONSTITUTIONAL RESET with TRUE-the-VOTE Executive Order - Petition Invoking the Governor's Obligation" by web. The body of the petition is at http://bobmcdonnell.ning.com/group/mcdonnellforpresident/forum/topi... Your fax line has been right busy the last 14 hours. Some 600 attempts to reach (804) 371-6351 received a busy signal. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully

High Integrity Voting & Elections are REQUIRED by Virginia Law !
Discussion on "Support Ken Cuccinelli in upholding state law" of "Initiate a cascade of CONSTITUTIONAL RESET - TRUE-the-VOTE Petition Invokes a Governor's Obligation" at http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=393257200409&topic=18542

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