Grassroots Network of the Republican Party of Virginia

Go here to see his announcement, and see the wireless usage and contact collection techniques that you will be up against: http://terrymcauliffe.com/home

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Terry McAuliffe raises 900K in six weeks: http://www.wtop.com/?nid=600&sid=1571646
When in War you must adapt to the enemy and use their own strength against them. Look at what they used to attack us with and turn it around. When you expend less of your own energy and allow them to use up theirs you win. Stay on the high ground and answer them with a question. Why? It will frustrate them to no end. When you repeat that question enough they will give up or begin to start to answer why. Then you have them. They are on record and then they begin to self implode. Just look at this bailout. It is coming around to bite them. Take a step back and look at the big picture.
Six months ago, I would have laughed at the notion that Terry McAuliffe could get elected governor of Virginia. At that time I was laughing at the notion that Barak Obama could make Virginia turn blue.

Lesson learned--take nothing for granted. My boots (actually, I usually wear New Balance, I hope that's OK ) will be on the ground this year.
Sandy Cope said:
Thanks Tom and OP, I feel better knowing that we are in fact working it behind the scenes. I don't know who to contact in Orange County to ask them to join in here. Anyone have any names or know where I could find them?

Hi Sandy,

I am Treasurer of the OC Committee. Doug Rogers our Chair is on vacation and will be back shortly. We have a very active committee here. And we also have the Susan Allen Republican Women's Club which is based in Lake of the Woods. We have over 100 dedicated Republican women in the club. We worked for John McCain Jim Gilmore and Eric Cantor. We hope to have a good showing at the Convention in May. And I am proud to say we delivered on November 3! What happened to the rest of you? Just pullin' your chains.

Yes we all need to get out there and help our candidates. Are you in Orange County. If so, we would love to get you on our membership roster. Let me know. Connie

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