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There are 168 members who will be voting to decide the next RNC Chairman at the RNC Winter Meeting on January 20, 2009. There are three members from each state who are able to vote, the state Chairman, the state National Committeeman and the state National Committeewoman. To locate the names of who your local state members are, perform the following steps: Go to the National GOP Website - State Parties page and select the state in which you live, which will bring up all three voting member names for the state selected. You will also see phone number(s) listed to contact your local state voting members. You can pick a new state by selecting "State Parties" from the menu bar.

To support Michael Steele, contact your state Chairman, state National Committeeman and your state National Committeewoman and tell them to support Michael Steele for RNC Chairman at the RNC Winter Meeting in January 2009.

There are 50 states plus DC, included as well Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Three members voting from each location makes a total of 168 members who will decide our next RNC Chairman.

Beginning with the election of Michael Steele as RNC Chairman in 2009, we will take back the Republican Party in preparation for 2010.

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I am a big fan of Michael Steele but I have worked closely with Saul Anuzis and without question he has my support for RNC Chairman. To Read more about Saul, go to http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=33763872331
Thank you UnderCoverGuy for posting on the RNC Chair. position up for vote on Jan. 21, 2009. Unfortunately most Republicans, unless you are a die hard, didn't even know the name of the current RNC Chair. While Dean was a screamer, many knew he was the DNC Chair. I read Mike Duncan's recent article on the way forward for the GOP, but found nothing new or hopeful in that message. I would have loved to see Fred Thompson in the new Chair. or General Chair. position, but apparently he has no desire for it. In that case, I will totally support Michael Steele, providing he greatly distances himself from the likes of Christine Todd Whitman and other moderates like her. I have seen him on Fox, and heard him on Talk Radio. I like what he says and believes, and he seems to be willing to go in a whole new positive direction for us conservatives, while remembering all 3 legs of the conservative stool.

On my list for Monday-

RPV phone number- (804) 780-0111

RPV fax number- (804) 343-1060

RPV email- http://www.rpv.org

I would suggest phoning and following up with a fax or email to ensure your voice is heard.
BTW- The State Chairman, The Honorable Jeffrey M. Frederick, one of VA's votes, is an honored member on this site.
I also appreciate what Mr. Steele has done and is doing for the Party. However, there appear to be several good candidates with good ideas looking to win this leadership post. Without minimizing the abilities of any of the other candidates, I have to say that I have been most impressed by Mr. Ken Blackwell of Ohio. I've been following his career through the press for the better part of 10 years, and he invariably is out front on the right side of the issues, and beyond that impresses me as a man of outstanding character.

Les G.
I'm currently backing Steele, but I also like Saul Anuzis (he gets new media, technology and organizing better than almost any GOPer) and Ken Blackwell (he's a solid conservative and his campaign chairman is my old boss Steve Forbes.)
I'm for Steele all the way - he's a solid conservative who knows how to win in a Dem-leaning swing state, he's pro-life (he almost became a Catholic priest back in his youth) and he's an excellent communicator. I'm also a big fan of Newt (who is rumored to be interested) and also Ken Blackwell, who would have to be my second choice. I'd really like to see an African American Conservative as the public face / main spokeman of the GOP, as it would have considerable impact in cutting short Obama's honeymoon period. This is nothing against Newt, Saul Anuzis or anybody else -- I just think it's the right strategy for us at the moment as we rebuild.
Michael Steele comes from a solid Democrat state; yet he is well thought of in his own state as well as many in the metro Washington, DC area. From what I have seen to date, he would be my choice for RNC Chair. Walt Peterman
UCG - Mr. Steele needs more cowbell on his Twitter! What Say You?
ALL the National Chairman candidates appear to be pro-life, pro-gun, pro-limited government, in favor of a strong national defense and tax cutting free marketeers. And all acknowledge that the party has to do a LOT more with new technology. It's a pretty impressive crop of people across the board. But I really do think that at this stage we need a strong communicator / spokeman type, not just a campaign operative type, no matter how good they are. I'm not advocating we elect an African American chairman because I'm judging them (positively) for the color of their skin not the content of their character - the content of Mike Steele and Ken Blackwell's characters -- and their committment to Conservative principles are top-notch. But their being African Americans is undoubtedly a tactical PR plus -- rather like Sarah Palin's being a woman was a boost to the 2008 ticket. It wouldn't have been effective if she'd been a RINO -- but a female CONSERVATIVE was just what our base needed to give a darn about an otherwise lackluster year.

Our National Committeeman, Morton Blackwell, compiled a questionnaire that has gone out to RNC chairman candidates as they announce, which was posted on Town Hall about two weeks ago. Here's the link: http://townhall.com/blog/g/b5a65d90-ea9b-4f58-95ad-e9625f0fb0f5 One point that Morton raises that I'd like to hear all the candidates address is the issue of grassroots organization on college campuses and the RNC giving more help to CRNC.
Blueprint Chapter 2 -Ethics
Michael Steele's Ethics Blueprint for the Republican Party

I know there are a lot of Steele fans in this thread, but Saul Anuzis should get some serious consideration. You can see what he had to say to RedState here.

If you twitter, you can follow him here - http://twitter.com/sanuzis

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