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I always think when I visit this site or attend Republican Party functions, if there is any room for moderate voices in the party? Although, I do have conservative values in most of my thinking, I am not totally entrenched in them. I believe that there is a time to raise taxes. I believe there is a time to limit gun ownership. I believe there is a time to allow abortion. I find it ironic that those who are fervently against abortion in all cases are way past their child bearing days and please understand that I am not making light of this issue as I am generally against abortion.
I thought that after the many recent defeats by the Republicans in local, state wide and federal elections we would start getting smarter, but sometimes I have my doubts.
I hear leaders in our party state that we are making strides in making this party a more diverse party and then I look around the room and feel I am in a corporate board room.
We have an opportunity with the upcoming elections to bring more people in the party with the election of candidates such as Bob McDonnell, but I wonder if we will find a way to screw it up.
I would like to see if others share my views on this or if I am a lone fish in a sea of sharks.

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Hi All,

I see it didn't take long for this thread to go off topic. As the comments keep going 'round and 'round and are looking more like a circular firing squad than a civil debate, I will be preserving some bandwidth and closing the discussion. A warning to those engaged in name calling and personal attacks, that behavior will not be tolerated, it is an embarrasment to all Republicans and is a source of ammunition for the Democrats. Learn to debate civilly or find another venue.









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