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Running for Reston Association http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKuiMh__m-0&feature=player_embedded

Hi I'm running for the Reston Association (62,000 members ) which has suffered severly recently from very liberal Democratic casnidates. We even have Richard Chew who is some kind of officer in theDemocrats trying to put more.


Any way I'm running as a kind of freedom canidate. I've gotten the support of l0cal Republican Canidate for the Board of Supervisors Micheal Williams


Here's a short messege from me and the other canidates on utube I'm on last of the four running for the at large position but it's only 20 seconds each


You'll have to copy it and past it off the titie  your broser for some reason it won't transfer to here



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