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I went to see Sarah Palin at BJ Wholesale after driving through the snow just like in Alaska and what a wonderful friendly group of people. Sometimes people in Northern Virginia and especially here in the Gulog of Northern Virginia ,Reston, can be a little cold. So it was a real treat to be in the presence of some truly warm and friendly people. Not the least of which was Sarah and her family. Although I didn't wait in line to get my book signed I did get into BJ's and say her signing books abnd sweat shirts and affectionatly hugging people. I stood right next to her father who introduced himself and shook hands to the suprise and delight of book signature signature seekers. He would often ask teens how they were doing in school as he is a retired school teacher. People got a little slice of the Palin family. I can well see the day when people will be drawn to events like this not even for the political reasons important though they are but just to sort of refresh mnentally.

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