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Shapiro: "Don't Be Misled by the Political and Policy Disagreements, this Fight is Personal"

The Richmond Times Dispatch's Jeff Shapiro hits the nail on the head of the Frederick controversy, pointing out that party establishment is using a trumped up list of charges to overthrow a young, conservative, upstart Chairman who is resisting their push to the political center. If they succeed on Saturday we must immediately work to reassert the voice of the grassroots of our party and see that he be reinstated by yet another majority vote in May. This coup (which Shapiro unfortunately points out is being led by Bob McDonnell) cannot be tolerated by those who make up the heart and soul of our party.

Watch the video here

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Posted by ( OPDitch ) on April 03, 2009 at 6:08 am IN THE Richmond Times Dispatch web site.

Hey that’s me holding the Frederick sign at the 2008 RPV convention.
Hang in there Jeff we’re still behind you, it’s been a long, hard hall for you since the grassroots elected you last May.
Dear God, let this be over.
If Jeff is unseated on Saturday, and if you truly want to elect Republicans for the next four years, I would highly recommend that on April 5th, we never speak of this again.
Any other action than dropping this rediculous subject...means a loss to Republicans for the next four years. And it will be saddled on Frederick's horse if it comes to pass.
Think about that...and let it go.
It's stunning to me that the SCC would want to create a rift in the party for what is essential a personal issue. Those in the party wanting to pander to the big-government entitlement constituency of Northern Virginia have decided it's more important to make sure they can control the upcoming convention than to allow the party rank-and-file to have a voice.

McDonnell should have stayed out of this fight. He seemed to have an easy win for the Governor's office before this maneuver. But what will happen when the "community organizers" and the members of Obama's mailing list get mobilized, and the foot soldiers that McDonnell should have been able to count on have now been told that they don't matter?

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