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:-) I thought so, but one never knows.

What do you mean by reset? (in "Constitutional Reset")


As in pushing the reset button on your computer. 


As ill-behaved programs take over your computer's resources by not releasing resources that are only to be used 'on-loan' then your computer beings a descent into crash or freeze-up. 
Sometimes the only way for you to recover the control of your computer
from those ill-behaved programs is to cut the power off briefly.


In this case of "Constitutional Reset" the only intervention required to reestablish the proper behavior of our government is for ALL officers of the Virginia court (i.e., members of the Virginia Bar) to recognize that their customary conceits of authority against our Constitutions and their duly authorized laws are customary FELONY. 

As there is now no defense short of criminal insurrection that might save them from being destroyed under the weight of the law, the only workable solution is for ALL of them to surrender to our governor (prior to indictment) and plead for pardon upon properly specific and toothy parole oath. 

The break in the flow of power required to bring about ‘Reset’ is almost imperceptible - Except now everything that need be done is done -

What things were unconstitutional and hence criminal under Virginia law (and under federal law as it has its undefined terms supplied by Virginia law) need no longer be defended and cannot be defended short of violating the parole oath.  

Those unconstitutional things that can be changed immediately are. 

Some unconstitutional things change when their authorized funding runs out.

Some unconstitutional things, having practical necessity yet which may not be readily made  constitutional, can continue upon further perpetration of felony that may allowed under the governor's renewed pardon upon parole oath. 
For this necessary repeated pardon to work, the governor's criminal
complicity knowingly and willingly failing to "see that the laws are
faithfully executed" must first be relieved by the governor's declaring
his conditional disability to the Lt.governor and receiving pardon and
restoration as governor.


In this orderly, efficient, fashion "Constitutional Reset" soaks into all branches of government at all levels because Members of the Virginia Bar
working in all branches of government may no longer wink at felony. 

All under parole oath are knowingly bound under Va1-200 English common law's 'Hue & Cry' to give warning when felony under the false color of official capacity is being discussed in anticipation yet in ignorance of its criminal nature as defined by statutory law.

Prior to the warning, the warned, not being members of the Bar, did not give certain probable cause that they wer proceeding in criminal intent. 

Should the crime considered be continued with criminal intent then all those knowing of it must perform their statutory duty under 18USC4 and Va18.2-482, 'Misprision of Felony & Treason', so as to avoid participating in that felony by means of unlawful silent accent. 


In that all federal judges in Virginia are members of the Virginia Bar association the "Constitutional Reset" applies to federal cases tried in

Even SCOTUS Justices are indictable on a grand jury's finding of probable cause that a Justice's dissemblance and equivocation trespass against the US Constitution was 18USC1341->46 "Frauds & Swindles" where the proper bounds of our Constitution is a matter of the fact the the trial jury must determine.   

There is absolutely no constitutional requirement that impeachment come before indictment.  There is no statutory obligation to impeach –
there is statutory obligation to indict when probable cause of felony is
established and attempting to block that indictment is Va18.2-481(5) statutory treason.


In this fashion a Constitutional Reset in Virginia may save the whole country.

Moreover, the efficient, just, merciful, incorruptible honor of Virginia's government, had when ennobled by republican obedience to the higher power establish by its people, 

must under law the rule of law,

be demonstrated to the nation well before the POTUS election in 2012. 

By that demonstration, our Governor McDonnell,

when supported by his Attorney General Cuccinelli,

will be the only candidate that the people of the United States should trust to perform as American Exceptional-ism requires. 

No one should be seriously jealous of that - Implementing federal "Constitutional Reset" of necessity requires that the mission of most
federal departments devolves to the states - 
Talent and power will move from D.C. back to the states. 

Given the letter of our US Constitution, federal "Constitutional Reset" is almost a set piece operation having a low requirement for creativity, low risk,
and only a high requirement for obedience to higher law. 


As far as I have been able to inquire, remedies to our structural trespasses against the Constitution enable relatively easy, highly workable, Constitutional remedies to our fiscal, monetary, industrial, legal and international problems - largely by merely removing impertinent complications and misplaced considerations. 

I have not seen one problem that is an exception when properly defined so that authority, responsibility and accountability are balanced. 

Essentially every economic or social dysfunction that has alienation as its root cause is largely within the reach of our authority when we check our authority by those balances. 

Much of what we fail to accomplish by force we can accomplish by agreement – if the need actually exists.


Even though men will be scoundrels and bounders  - that does not mean that by proper checks and balances we cannot cause our officers to become so anodized by higher power that they become incorruptibly honorable and so case hardened by the vestment of office over their ductile core of human fallibility that they never break under the hand of their people.


American Exceptional-ism rises again – standing upon our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

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