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This is a copy of the letter I sent to Tito. Before this new regime gets going...it would be amazing if a national SKID rally could happen...so please do whatever you can to pass this idea along...

October 30, 2008

Dear Mr. Munoz,
Hopefully one of these letters reaches you.
Recently, I sent a letter to Joe the Plumber. Since you also have come forward to fight for freedom and fight against redistribution of wealth, otherwise known as socialism, I am sending this letter to you in hopes you might feel my idea is a worthy pursuit.
Just as Joe did, you have really set off a firestorm!
First I want to thank you for being a patriotic American and coming forward. By now I am sure you are experiencing the power of a liberal press.
The Democratic agenda has more and more become a socialistic one: taking from those who work hard and “spreading it around” to those who do not.
Democrats keenly understand a government based on entitlements guarantees votes for their socialistic agenda.
This concept is NOT what our founding fathers were thinking when they broke from England and created our Constitution.
I would like to share something with you.
In “another life”, I was a successful actress. The public knows me as Shelley Taylor Morgan and I am best known for my years on the soap opera General Hospital.
Why do I tell you this? Because it is generally thought that “Hollywood” is liberal. I am here to tell you that is NOT the case.
I do NOT want to live in a socialistic country. And I am terrified we are heading that way and that changes will be made to our country that can never be reversed.
I do not want to live in a country where the government runs business as it did in Perone’s Argentina and as it currently does in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.
Our government has begun to do just that with the multi-billion dollar bailout.
I want to live in a country where people take responsibility for their own lives.
I want to live in a country where I can make my own choices, not choose from a menu the government offers me.
I do not want to live in a country where slackers are continually rescued by taxpayer dollars.
Ask Canadians how they like their government-provided health care. I can tell you there is an industry there of people who help Canadians get an appointment with an American doctor because they cannot see their Canadian physician before a life-threatening illness kills them.
Many foreign born people come to America for their medical and surgical needs. That would change in Barak Obama’s America. The United States will become indistinguishable from Europe.
I do not have a crystal ball. But if Obama becomes our president, I fear the American people do not realize what will happen here - especially with a majority of Democrats in the Legislative branch of our government. This would mean Democrats will have a very easy time of passing whatever laws they like.
A Democratic majority will mean the voice for freedom to choose your own destiny for all practical purposes will be all but silenced.
If Obama does indeed become our Commander in Chief and proceeds with what is known as “income redistribution”, I would like to suggest an idea to you - because someone like you could organize Americans to make their voices heard.
We need the American people to tell our elected officials we will not stand for policies that destroy initiative and incentive!
And income redistribution does just that.
Socialists point to “big bad greedy corporations and big businesses”, but they employ thousands, provide health insurance, and help send children to college.
Socialism has affected our education system by not allowing children to succeed on their own by doing away with A’s and F’s for pass/fail grading. Why should a student try hard when there is no incentive for achievement? This kind of thinking has ruined our school system.
We need a National “SOCIALISM KILLS INITIATIVE DAY” (SKID) where likeminded Americans take an unscheduled day off from work and stop buying product from stores.
This would show Americans are standing up to say we will not strive for excellence if there is no reward for those who do so.
Because of your newfound fame, you have the ear of the country - and more importantly the press.
You could do much to guarantee the success of such a rally.
I would very much like to talk to you about this if you feel it is worthy. Please feel free to call me at your earliest convenience. Time is of the essence...fame is fleeting.
Sincerely yours,

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Welcome to the network and please visit us in VA sometime. Socialism does kill initiative and many voters are beginning to understand this as they watch the pleas for bailouts. The advocates seem to be in the minority right now. As far as spreading the wealth goes, hopefully reason will prevail. Socialism always fails in the end and people who do not recognize it for what it is will end up with empty pockets and buyer's remorse. We're going to use our efforts to educate voters on the values of free markets and personal initiative. We especially want to help American Latinos realize they have potential within themselves to endeavor and succeed without relying on the government. Education is going to be key and I hope you'll be part of our proactive movement.
Alright guys, whoops I mean girls, you've got the idea. Well spoken thoughts, shared with conviction, that's how we get through to the ones not seeing the issues clearly or have just been plain hoodwinked! Discussions like this are the essence, of the survival and growth of conservatism. Invite your friends and let's carry the message to every corner of the state. Paint her red by golly!
Hello Tom,
I will basically "copy" what I just wrote to Debbie....

I am happy to be part of your group. I live on the Pacific Coast so my input to your group in Virginia is very limited but I support your and Tito's efforts and hope we can spread the word that socialism is not where this country should be heading.
Also, please do not think I have lost interest if I can't be a regular participant in discussions...you and Tito will understand this: my husband and I are building our own home...ourselves. My husband was a contractor too. So, this must take priority in our lives. Good luck with your fight!!!

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