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Virginia has a history that caused her to become the mother of Founding Father presidents.


That history still shows within the extraordinary beauty of Virginia’s constitution and statutes.
Virginia’s law is still enables her to save the constitutional republic of the United States if she will first save herself from the custom of cavalier conceits of authority whose toxic culture came to the ‘Old Dominion’ with refugees from the English Civil War.


Because of this experience Virginia appears to be the only state that has a law equivalent to VA18.2-481(5) where ‘Resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority’ is defined as ‘Statutory Treason’.

Slavery was one of those experiences.


In 1619 slavery had no lawful basis under the English common law written upon the hearts of its people – Slavery in Virginia started as no more than the cavalier criminal conceit of ‘Our law will not protect you – as far as you are concerned I am the law’. That purely criminal evil is still with us and is conclusively evidenced by EVERY officer of our courts – Yet, if confronted and pardoned by our Governor upon the penitent virtue of toothy parole oath that evil can be removed from Virginia’s future.


Yes, and even our country’s future because every Virginia federal judge is still a member of the Virginia Bar , still an officer of the courts of Virginia, and so deemed by the presumptions of Virginia law to professionally know the law so that they must recognize VA18.2-481(5) felony when it occurs and so are conclusively evidenced as having at LEAST criminally perpetrated felony VA18.2-482 ‘Misprision of Treason’.


ALL such officers must plead for pardon or eventually be condemned by our law – under God – that requires that ALL felony, and conditions that foster felony, be presented to a grand jury until the felony is properly judged. Our Governor’s pardon is the best and only way out of the felony condemnation due every lawyer and judge in Virginia, INCLUDING Virginia’s federal judges!


‘Constitution Reset’ naturally cascading from Virginia can gently and gracefully save our country.


The Question that remains is ‘Does Virginia still have the heart to raise leaders ready to face God?


All prayer warriors, please remember us.   May we become fit to serve God & Country as our law requires. 

See http://youtu.be/iZvZWUZFevI for comments on Mandisa's "Born for This"



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In Virginia's state & federal courts pleadings  can be thrown out for being longer than 20 pages - meaning no complex RICO combinations in seditious treason to our Constitution may (at this season  ;-) soon ending -God willing ) be remedied in the state & federal courts in Virginia.  


Va18.2-481(5) statutory treason of "resisting the execution of the laws under the[mere false color] of its authority" is the customary daily course of business, conclusively evidenced, in the courts' record as being perpetrated by ALL officers of the courts of Virginia - that includes the federal court judges who are all members of the Va bar and so officers of the SCOVa. 


Yet my Va Governor, Bob McDonnell, is oath bound to use all necessary and constitutional authorized force to " take care that the laws be faithfully executed".

It is of no more than transient significance that my Va Governor, Bob McDonnell, is also an officer of the SCOVa and deemed guilty with the laws presumption of criminal intent as a consequence of his office's license - his temporary disability to do his duty may be removed by surrender and pardon on penitent parole oath given to his lt.gov. Bill Bolling.  


Then being made fully competent to do his duty Va. Gov. McDonnell

may demand that ALL officers of the courts of Virginia tender their surrender

(and offered resignation on the day of the Governor's convenience)

for pardon upon the consideration of penitent particular and toothy parole oath;

with any remainder facing the presentment of their conclusively evidenced felony to a grand jury until indictment issues as required by Va19.2-191(2).


As for the remainder not pardoned, reasonable doubt of criminal intent can now only be lawfully established in a jury's mind by the pleading of incompetence at law  - whereupon even if a not guilty judgement was given the accused would have judged themselves fit for disbarment from their profession.  A subsequent recant of that pleading would evidence perjury and fraud upon the court.


For those pardoned on the virtue of penitent parole oath, in any subsequent violation of that parole oath they adjudge themselves as reprobates under penalty of law.


This strategy is a worldly emulation of Jesus as authorized  by both the laws of Virginia and God  - see Isaiah 41:1  John 20:23 ,Matthew 16:19 & 18:18


The remaining federal judges in Virginia are now under the bond of their parole oath to Va's governor.


Now the federal felony involved in certifying BHO as POTUS candidate can be tried in strict obedience to Va & US law.  Likewise accessory to those felonies, such as would likely ensnare Billary so disabling her should she choose to become Democrated POTUS candidate.  Biden as POTUS could not pardon Billary for crimes tried under state law. 


I ask that you diligently pray for Va Gov. Bob McDonnell, that he may seek his own pardon and shed the chains of his sin.  Only then can the goodness of his office's duty taste as good to him as it aught to.


Va A.G. Ken Cuccinelli's office has already replied to a VaFOIA request for the duly authorized records of laws that would permit certain customary and conclusively evidenced actions perpetrated by the courts officers without those officers perpetrating felony that entails Va18.2-481(5) statutory treason.


That answer, made under the presumptions of Va Law, is that no such records of duly authorized laws exist which permits those actions without there being a concomitant perpetration of felony.


Your prayers for the salvation of Virginia's Governor made in agreement with God can act powerfully to save our republic of the United States and begin a gentle orderly cascade of "Constitutional Reset".


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