Grassroots Network of the Republican Party of Virginia

General Gubernatorial Election:

May 31-June 2

Bob McDonnell: 44%
Creigh Deeds: 43%

Bob McDonnell: 48%
Brian Moran: 37%

Bob McDonnell: 47%
Terry McAuliffe: 40%

Source: SurveyUSA

Democratic Primary (or Democratic Circular Firing Squad)

June 6-7

Criegh Deeds: 40%
Terry McAuliffe: 26%
Brian Moran: 24%
Undecided: 10%

Democratic Lt. Governor:

June 6-7

Undecided: 42%
Jody Wagner: 41%
Mike Signer: 12%
Jon Bowerbank: 6%

Source: Public Policy Polling

I would like to make a few comments about Jon Bowerbank.
It seams that Jon cannot make up his mind if he is going to run. I've seen this man go on video and endorse Jody Wagner. Yet,, I have seen his website change and give the appeal that he is still running.

The source I used for the Democratic polls, even says Jon is not running.

He isn't going to win either way, but it would be nice to see him make up his mind.

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