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The Virginia Remedy to John Stossel's Show “Illegal Everything”

The Virginia Remedy to John Stossel's Show “Illegal Everything” at  http://youtu.be/CFfVeXhtRa0


Most of this excess regulation serves to advance RICO agendas of restraining supply to raise criminally achieved RICO profits.

Most of the excess regulation serves only as weapons to retaliate against 'inconvenient' persons and businesses. 

Most of this excess regulation is unconstitutional legislation by the judicial and executive branches.

Most of this excess regulation is aided by legislation that is constructed outside the authority of our state and federal Constitutions.

In Virginia,

most of this excess regulation is implemented and enforced by government officers perpetrating either

Va18.2-481(5) statutory treason of 'resisting the execution of the [duly authorized] laws under the [false] color of the laws [Constitutional authority], and/or

Va18.2-111 statutory embezzlement or the duly authorized law by an office had by trust.

In Virginia,

such Va18.2-111 felony is stripped of any claim to sovereign immunity by Va18.2-481(5) and every attempt at foisting such claim is Va18.2-481(5) felony conclusively evidenced in and witnessed by the court record.

In Virginia,

Va18.2-111 felony is a RICO crime having civil remedy of treble damages upon the personal capacity of perpetrating officers.  Those damages, by statute, include all such business as COULD have occurred in the absence of our duly authorized law's violation.

In Virginia,

every officer of the court that witnesses Va18.2-481(5) felony is by statute deemed by their professional standing to have knowingly and willingly perpetrated Va18.2-482 Misprision of Treason unless they raise a proper 'hue & cry' to oppose those felonies.

In Viriginia,

Governor Bob McDonnell, by his sworn Constitutional requirement that he "take care that the [duly authorized] laws are executed" is bound to use all necessary constitutional force to remedy Va18.2-481(5) Treason - Treason which is always made in rebellion to our Constitution and its duly authorized laws.

In Virginia,

Governor Bob McDonnell has authority to immediately remedy the lawlessness of government by requiring that all officers of government surrender to him that they can receive PARDON under the virtue of their parole oath

else be indicted and tried by jury at the earliest possible date.


Given the "Constitutional Reset" thus effected by Governor Bob McDonnell in Virginia the courts in Virginia MUST find that Obama is ineligible to be POTUS candidate and POTUS and possibly that Romney is equally ineligible in that his father was born a Mexican citizen of parents that where expatriated US nationals of the Utah Territory and not even expatriated US citizens.


All this much "Constitutional Reset" should be effected prior to the Republican Convention. 

Given Governor McDonnell's high degree demonstrated:

  • * Constitutional competence & honor,
  • * Competence in financial management of the state's mission,
  • * Sagacious restraint in the exercise of optional authority, giving due space for God's remedy and due respect to possible unintended consequence
  • * Sagacious restrain of untimely comment so that his people and officers may best work out what need be done

it seems likely that there is no other person more fit to serve as POTUS during these troubled times of great opportunity that can restore and advance ALL that is best in America. 


How else can we prosper our children out of the debt slavery that has been constructed for them? 

Ron Paul is good, but we need a team to achieve our requirements and I believe Ron Paul knows that.

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