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Okay, somebody please cough up any information available as to who and what might be brought to bear on the goal of sending Jim Moran packing from the U.S. House of Representatives next year, and getting a Republican elected.

I realize that I'm dreaming the near-impossible dream here, but for crying out loud let's at least drop hints to each other and see if we can conjure up some kind of viable vision for victory.

Moran has publicly accused our American troops of "ethnic cleansing" in their efforts to liberate Iraq. For that reason alone, Moran should be thrown into a dungeon on a Godforsaken island prison in the sub-arctic and fed a diet of used cat litter until he expires.

I bumped into Mark Ellmore at Pat Herrity's near-victory party, and asked him if he planned on running again. He said merely that if he did, he'd be utterly ruling out 2nd place finish. He mentioned that his receiving a third of the vote, or 35% or whatever it was, was a pretty strong showing for his not really having any money to speak of in that race.

I want to know from any and all of you politically astute and informed and intelligent denizens of the 8th--most of whom probably have much more history and prescience than I do about goings-on in our district--any inklings about who might be considering a run, the factors in play (besides widespread public disgust with Congress in general), and exactly what Moran's Achilles' heel consists of in your opinion.

Just wondering. Fire away!

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