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We have heard from all three candidates at our meetings. Almost all the members of NNRCC are going to Delegates. Who are you voting for?

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I have endorsed and will vote for David Foster.

Steve Groce,Chairman,Newort News Republican City Committee
Anyone can say these words: "I am a conservative". Being conservative means working for LIMITED GOVERNMENT, even if you are paid by the government; that is, paid by the taxpayers. Having heard all three candidates speak, I will vote for the only candidate who has a researchable, verifiable record of voting and working for LIMITED GOVERNMENT and low tax, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli. Yesterday I heard John Brownlee say he would EXPAND the office of the Attorney General, which I believe now comprises 300 attorneys and staff. Mr. Brownlee repeatedly claims that being prosecutor is a prerequisite for the job of AG. When recently retired AG and candidate for governor Bob McDonnell picked his successor, Bill Mims, he picked a replacement AG who is not a prosecutor. What does that tell us?

I support the candidate with the fire in his belly, the passion in his conservative message and the courage of his convictions.
I have not made up my mind yet but when I am done studying the candidates I will be ready for the convention.









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