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As I read the Op Eds, editorials, and Letters to the Editor in the FLS, they seem to weigh a bit heavily on the pro-Democrat/liberal side. Today's paper for example had two LTE that cry out for rebuttal--"What a relief! The long, bumpy "W' ride is over" on page D2 and "Democrats are leading the way in Virginia" on page D4. The editorial "Same old Washington" on D2 has a lot that we as Republicans could agree on. I challenge each of you to write either a letter of rebuttal to one of the letters or a letter of support of the editorial. More than that, we need to be holding their feet to the fire day in and day out. To do that, we need more people in this Group. I further challenge you to go through the list of members and pick out people from your City or County who are not already members of this Group and encourage them to join. We could have an informal contest to see which jurisdiction has more members/higher percentage of members as part of this Group. Stafford County has about 26 people in RPVNetwork, but I think only 2 or 3 so far in this Group.

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I know I haven't been real active this in this group recently: I've been a little busy with school (transferred to VCU at the beginning of this semester) but we need to get activity going on here. One of this group's members has announced his run for Spotsylvania County Supervisor for the Lee Hill District and I think that's a good place to start right now:










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