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I find I don't sleep well lately - worrying about America, our Constitution, & our future. The speed & ease in which the White House is taking control, eliminating the checks & balances, is frightening! While many are doing our part in contacting Congress, I don't see them agressively objecting to what is happening! This is no longer a matter of "reaching across the aisle" - this is a matter of standing up for America's citizens, our Constitution, and American values. Where are America's leaders???

Pres. Reagan's comments at his 83rd birthday RNC gala in 1994 seem to reach through time:
"I'm reminded of the old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Only in this case, it's...grand larceny - the intellectual theft of ideas that you and I recognize as our own. Speech delivery counts for little on the world stage unless you have convictions, and yes, the vision to see beyone the front row seats. The Democrats may remember their lines, but how quickly they forget the lessons of the past...leadership here at home gave us strong American influence abroad...
In the end it all comes down to leadership. Great nations have responsibilities to lead ... we should be cautious of those who would lower our profile, because they might just wind up lowering our flag."

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I'm afraid you're correct. But the American people are respoding where the congress isn't.
Obama and the dems popularity and job performance numbers are heading south. If that election were held today....it wouldn't turn out the same. Lots of buyer's remorse.









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