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The Online Community that will "Pound the Pavement" in Every Local Community

Our thoughts for this group are not really an organizing effort of yet another group for folks to join and incur responsibility, indeed that is one of our greatest fears in the new information age, overload, addiction, the theft of peoples offline lives as they become more immersed in networking and the technologies that follow them everywhere they go.

Unlike Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin and others there will not be an endless troop of new groups or causes marching across your screens. We have very definite goals here as expressed in the "Mission Statement". It may seem there are a lot of groups but if you look closely each has a definite purpose in the Network. They advocate for a social issue important to us, they advocate for candidates running for office, they advocate for some of our great leaders, they represent our individual committee units around the state, they represent Congressional District Committees, they represent Womens Clubs, they represent YR's, College, Teens and so on. Each group fills a particular niche, we try to be careful in who is setting them up and we try to not have duplication. When someone comes here we want them to be able to get the information they need very quickly, comment, socialize or network without having a universe to search through, or being bombarded with offers to join multiple groups for the same causes.

Our main purpose is to create an information resource for Virginia Republicans and do it in a way that allows them to network with each other, help each other, announce events statewide, present the Candidates and offer a place for them to share views with others and network socially online. We do not want to steal their lives away, we hope to provide the opportunity for them to find what they need quickly and get back to the grassroots efforts they are involved in, because we all know, that is where the votes are won.

Our vision for this group, is such a resource. We hope to get as many folks to join and contribute as possible. As they comment on ideas, techniques or technologies we will try to split out separate forums by area of interest. As new developments in technology for the grassroots become available we hope to share them with everybody.

For those looking for a role beyond commenting, we will be looking for some members with expertise in particular areas to moderate or be admin on the forums here, as it grows.

We want this group and website to enhance the on the ground "Grassroots" efforts in every community around the state. We wish to take little and give back a lot.

To all, our best wishes in all your endeavors, keep clicking those keys but don't forget to save time, to "pound some pavement"!!

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Comment by Michael Lane on May 1, 2009 at 11:11am
"Never speak ill of another Republican." -- Ronald Reagan

"Anyone who votes with me 80% of the time is not my enemy, he is my friend." - Ronald Reagan
Comment by Tom Whitmore on May 1, 2009 at 11:11am
This page has some more up to date info including phone numbers.
Comment by Tom Whitmore on May 1, 2009 at 11:03am
And don't forget to push your Delegate candidates this weekend, while your out there.
Comment by Tom Whitmore on May 1, 2009 at 10:54am
Thanks for your last post. I drew you out on purpose to make a point. You do know how the system works, but are frustrated and impatient. We all thank you for your years of service to the party.

The issue I take here is that this is not truly a public forum, it is a partisan site to do the work of electing our candidates, period. Anything else we allow here is out of courtesy to fellow conservatives.

If you want to villify or hold a candidates feet to the fire then express your views to them in person, by phone, by email or by letter and if they don't respond, then take them to task in a "public" venue, as I did with Senator Warner last year in front of 20,000 people, not by distracting others on a site like this with a mission.

I have heard talk from some of punishing the candidates, well think about it for a minute, if you choose to not support the Republican "nominees" and decide to put them to task and discourage others from voting, then they effectively are working for the other side and helping to defeat our candidates! Ultimately they punish along with the candidate, all the rest of the Republicans and conservatives who deserve better.

I know that, you know better, that's why my crack about Gilmore and Warner. It drew you out to show your true feelings but, you missed the point.

There is a time and a place for everything. The time and place to "punish" elected officials and candidates is in a primary! How good a job you did will be reflected in the vote. If you didn't win, then you have to do a better job next time. Once we have nominees, it is the rest of us that wind up being punished.

For most conservatives it is always about the Constitution. But there are times that common sense must prevail, why shoot yourself in the foot to make a point, why shoot the party in the foot over some perceived mistakes of a candidate and not weigh it against all of the good he has done, why shoot the grassroots in the foot by not considering the damaging impact of statements that discourage conservatives, yet encourage liberals and give them ammunition.

We will all have a hard time defending the Constitution, if we allow the Republic to continue sliding down the slippery slope it is on. We have to slow it down by taking power back one town, one county, one district, one state at a time.

What got us here is a combination of, an "ill timed punishment theory" on one hand and a "he has the right to do it by virtue of office" theory on the other hand. Those two together have sent many a good candidate under the bus and set the stage for many of the abuses in office that we are witnessing today.

I am well aware of some of the battles you face, they are for another day. Todays battle is to win the Governors mansion back, win the Lt Gov and AG seats and to maintain or increase our HOD presence.

We have reached a point where we have to stop the Democrats at all cost, even some personal pride in our constitution. Better to accept a temporary ding here or there from your own party than to have to face the impending onslaught to it by the Democrats, if we fail in our mission.

Again, thank you for all you do for the party, but understand we have a mission here and will not be deterred or distracted from it and the time to fish or cut bait is rapidly approaching.

And so no one is confused over the "easy button" comment, I really meant to say "magic" button, as in magician, you know, "Poof" things disappear. It is time to return this thread to the job of sharing, talking points, campaign info, tactics, etc all in the name of enabling the grassroots to have a stronger voice in the future as elections within the party come up and to get our current slate of politicians elected to office.

As I started a couple of days ago, Bob McDonnell has walks going on this weekend, go here to find out contact info:http://www.rpvnetwork.org/group/virginiarepublicansforbobmcdonnell
Comment by Tom Seeman on May 1, 2009 at 10:42am
Tim, I'm not sure I get your point. Can you be a bit more succinct and give us your plan of action in a few short sentences. Thank you, Tom
Comment by The Bulletproof Monk on May 1, 2009 at 8:18am
Thank you Tom. I know you weighed your responsibilities heavily before you stepped up to the computer.
I, and so many others are excited about the races this year, because we can actually see victory this year. There is a great chance going forward that we can at least install the Governor and Lt. in Richmond to straighten Virginia back out.
The AG is within our grasp, too.
It was mentioned i the news that Soutter is going to step off of the SCOTUS in June. Had some republicans across the country made the pilgrimage to the polls last November, instead of sitting at home boycotting the election because their Republican didn't get the nod...we might have had a chance to install another conservative to the SCOTUS in June. What's more, there will be at least another vacancy and missed opportunity on the SCOTUS within the 4 years of Obama.
It's always best to install someone who can win the POTUS job who can at least hold the status quo until stronger leadership arrives.
I often think about how far Roe vs. Wade could have been eroded if we kept chiseling pieces off of it, instead of trying to take apart the whole thing all at once.
I know we all learned that slow and steady wins the race.
Comment by Tom Whitmore on May 1, 2009 at 2:25am
Thank you Peter and Lynn. This group and indeed the entire site is dedicated to the furthering of the grassroot effort. To help folks understand that with freedom comes the responsibility to defend it with action and not just words. Those who participate in the electoral process are the ones who will bring change, those standing on the sidelines or just running their mouths are only blowing smoke. Those who have a problem over an issue or two and are looking for their perfect candidate are dreaming. Those who demean candidates over a couple of issues and ignore a multitude of achievements are detractors. Those who would stand for their "principles" and stay home letting the opposition win, over some of the tripe I have seen extolled here, are misguided.

We are past the point of selecting a gubernatorial candidate, and most of the delegate candidates. Our nominees have been confirmed. We have the LG and the AG to look forward to and a few primaries for delegate seats. It is crunch time folks and we have a mission here. As Michael Steele said, "don't get in the way or you will be run over".

If I had ,had my way over the last few years, Mr,. Boyer we would have been winning elections. My advice to you is to start contributing to the effort of winning elections for the Republican party or find another place to expell your vitriole. You may have good intentions and genuinely didn't want to see Mark Warner win but if that is the case you are clueless, since most of what you expound is detrimental to the party and our candidates.

If your intentions are genuinely to improve the party then act accordingly. If you were truly a participant and not just a bystander you would understand how the process works.

As for me, I am involved at several levels in the party and a number of individual races, as well as my local committee. I am as bereaved as anyone at some of the failings of my party. However I choose to build it back up and encourage as much involvement as I can from others so that together we can bring the changes that are necessary for the conservative ethic to prosper. I do not believe in berating or villifying other Republicans in public. It tears at the fabric of the party and is of no value.

Lynn, Peter and BPM have returned the thread to the purpose for which it was created, and I thank them for that. We have seen some good talking points surface here. But a warning to those who insist on posting off topic, I will begin deleting them as is done on other sites. I have a responsibility to the members of this site to enforce the rules.

For anyone who can't agree with our ethic/mission statement and can't see the importance of maintaining the HOD and win the Governors mansion, in this the most important election year in decades, I suggest you find somewhere else to roost. We are all about winning for the party this year and working on fixing what we don't like from within . If your intent is to demean the party or our candidates, you will get to meet the easy button.

Free speech is an issue between you and the government, on this site we are unabashed partisans, lifelong Republicans who are tired of seeing good candidates thrown under the bus. If all that some one has to give, is criticism with no plan or alternative then they have little to offer, we get all the criticism we need from the Democrats.
Comment by The Bulletproof Monk on April 30, 2009 at 9:50pm
Well said, Peter. Well said.
Comment by Peter Sperry on April 30, 2009 at 8:46pm
At the risk of returning to the original subject -- I showed up on April 25th to go door to door for McDonnell and our local state Rep candidate. It was a very small group, only 4 of us. We need to do better. We have come close in two special elecions. I volunteered a day each for both of them. I wish I could have done more but like most people, I have other commitments. But if we each commit to one Saturday a month thru September and 2 in October, we can make a difference.

Those who want to continue the ideological arguments are welcome to do so. Working and arguing are not mutualy exclusive. But if your not willing to work to support Republican candidates, why are you on RPVNetwork?
Comment by Lynda VanLiew Fairman on April 30, 2009 at 3:31pm
So, Tim, what's your plan of action other than identifying how we are wrong in who we have supported/are supporting and in what we've done/are doing? Are you planning to run for office? When the bills you've mentioned have been in committee and up for general vote, were you contacting your representatives and then sharing your research and contact info. with other conservatives so they were empowered with the facts to contact their representatives with enough time to make that difference? Were you encouraging strong conservatives to run for state & federal offices and then working to get them known and nominated? What leadership role have you taken? In essence, how are you putting your actions and/or money where your mouth is BEFORE it's too late to make that difference?

It's easy to identify what's wrong - especially after the fact - but more challenging (and time consuming!) to jump in and actually work to make a difference before it's a "done deal". Many conservatives out here want to do something to help save America but have difficulty gathering the needed information ... have you volunteered to share your information and letters to Congress & newspaper editors to help them help you get our message heard and heeded?

Yes, we need to select strong conservatives who have a proven track record of consistently following our Constitution, conservative American values, and Republican beliefs - winnowing out those who are RINOs, but it needs to be done BEFORE the campaign/election deadlines! The Internet, with sites like this one, makes it easier than ever before to reach, educate, and help others join us. Waiting until just before an election or after a vote to start complaining only frustrates everyone and plays into the hands of our adversaries.

I repeat...what's your plan of action?

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