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Maureen McDonnell goes Stumpin' at the Prince William County National Night Out

For more picture of Maureen McDonnell stumpin' at the Prince William County National Night Out Event go here: http://action.bobmcdonnell.com/photo/albums/maureen-mcdonnell-goes-stumpin

"Family" ad is up

First TV Ad Steele Endorses McDonnell Winning Weekends Host: McDonnell for Governor Type: Causes - Door knocking Network: Global Start Time: Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 8:00am
End Time: Sunday, May 30, 2009 at 3:00pm
Location: Wherever you are!
Phone: 8046129111
Email: cailin@bobmcdonnell.com

Bob McDonnell and our Republican Candidates need your help and are depending on the hard work of our fellow supporters for Victory in November! Please contact the following regional director for your area to coordinate your participation in Winning Weekend. Winning Weekend starts next weekend—April 25th and we need your help! We will be walking door to door every weekend from now until the State Convention May 29-30th.

Hampton Roads/ Peninsula—Contact Erika Fischer erika@bobmcdonnell.com
Chesapeake--Contact Christie Craig christie.craig@bobmcdonnell.com
Richmond Metro Area—Contact Julie Coggsdale julie.coggsdale@bobmcdonnell.com
Fairfax—Contact Adam Zubowsky adam.zubowsky@bobmcdonnell.com
Loudoun--Contact Mary Ann Cannon ryann.cannon@bobmcdonnell.com
Southwest—Contact Trixie Averill gopgirl2@bobmcdonnell.com

McDonnell Dominates New Poll

The latest Rasmussen poll numbers shows Bob McDonnell expanding his lead on all three of his opponents.

The results stand at:

Bob McDonnell 44%
Brian J. Moran 34%

Bob McDonnell 45%
Terry McAuliffe 33%

Bob McDonnell 45%
Creigh Deeds 30%

Fund raising numbers

McDonnell took in $2.2 million last period, and has $3.5 million cash on hand. McAuliffe (D) has raised $4.2 million this year (only $700k from VA sources) but has spent $2.5 on staff, ads, etc.

State Sen. Creigh Deeds (D) has $1.2M in the bank, and former Del. Brian Moran (D) has $850K on hand.

McDonnell continues to lead the cash on hand race, despite his inability to raise funds between Jan. 15 and Feb. 20 because of rules governing state officials' fund raising during the General Assembly session. McDonnell also doesn't have a intense primary to drain away much needed funds.

McDonnell continues lead in new poll

A new poll shows McDonnell leading all Democratic challenges. The only Democrat who is even close to McDonnell is Brian Moran, who leads the Democrats in the polls.

McDonnell has increased his lead over Deeds and McAuliffe by 2% and overcame a previous 4% deficit to Moran.

The poll can be found here

Day in the campaign life

Interesting video shows just a behind the scenes look at campaigning

Huckabee and Bob McDonnell rock the room for $$ raise $130,000 Hotline On Call Coverage Hotline On Call has more on how important the Virginia Governor's race: "The GOP has a strong candidate for governor in former state attorney general Bob McDonnell. And it's McDonnell's effort that has mobilized the full attention -- and fundraising capacity -- of the national GOP. Already, McCain and Sen. Mitch McConnell have headlined events for McDonnell" "People saw Barack Obama as someone who could fix things, who could solve problems, and people see Bob McDonnell as someone who can fix things and can get things done," Gillespie told On Call in a recent interview.

The full coverage can be found here

On another note, Dem. candidate and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe picked up the endorsement of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the largest union in the AFL-CIO. Which is not surprising as unions continue to be a Democrat stronghold.

Campaign Kick Off Videos Are Up

Here is just a taste of the campaign kick off events, other videos can be found on Youtube or the main page of the RPV network.

Campaign Kick Off March 28, 2009 serves as the official campaign kickoff day for Bob McDonnell its now time to get in full campaign mode. The campaign is having events all of the start in the coming days to mark the beginning of the campaign season, to find an event near you go to www.bobmcdonnell.com On another note, former presidential candidate John McCain stopped by and showed his support for McDonnell.

Recent Interview with FoxNewsDC

Part of a four interview series with all four candidates for Governor.
Liberty Visit McDonnell made a surprise visit to Liberty University in Lynchburg. He attended the convocation and called for students to devote themselves to service projects. Asian Americans Endorse McDonnell
Here is some coverage of Bob McDonnell at a recent gathering of Asian Americans for McDonnell. In the video he also criticizes the stimulus bill and talks about his economic plan for small businesses in Virginia.

McDonnell PodCast The great conservative blog BearingDrift, known for their wonderful podcast series, has a great podcast interview with Bob McDonnell. Check it out here Thanks BearingDrift! McDonnell Calls on Democrats to Support Offshore Drilling
McDonnell calls on Democratic candidates to support offshore energy exploration and development - proposes joint letter to Secretary of the Interior following request by Governor to delay process - -offshore development will create thousands of jobs; produce hundreds of millions in revenue-

For a state in debt and struggling to create jobs, this proposal is a serious idea that should be implemented.

Full press release can be found here

Pawlenty will campaign for McDonnell

Gov. of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty will be seen throughout the state on behalf of McDonnell. Keep your eyes and ears open for dates as they become available.

Full campaign mode

Bob McDonnell's resignation became effective February 20, and Chief deputy attorney general William C. Mims, a former Republican legislator from Loudoun County, has replaced McDonnell as Attorney General.

In a statement released by McDonnell's office, a slew of prominent state and national leaders praised him for his work over the last three years. The varied group includes Bill Leighty, former chief of staff to Democratic Govs. Mark R. Warner and Timothy M. Kaine, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr., City of Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Herring (who just endorsed Democratic candidate Brian Moran for governor) and Chuck Curran, chief counsel for AOL.

Courtesy of Anita Kumar, Washington Post

Good preview of Virginia's Governor's Race

RealClearPolitics' Sean Trende has a great article on the state of the race here in VA. In the article he has a good discussion on the background of the race, Virginia's political make up, and the upcoming statewide race.

Mr. Trende calls McDonnell "an articulate, charismatic politician with good political skills...and a family that seems made for political commercials."

He goes on to say that "this year's governor's race gives Republicans the clearest shot at a top-of-the-ticket election as they have had in years"

The article also mentions the fact that McDonnell currently leads all three Democrat challengers in head to head polling.

The well written article can be found here

Former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie joining McDonnell campaign

Bob McDonnell For Governor announced today that former RNC and RPV Chairman Ed Gillespie would be joining the campaign as General Chairman.

Bob McDonnell resigns effective Feb. 20

Today, Attorney General Bob McDonnell announced that he is following the long tradition of Virginia Attorney Generals' who have resigned in order to run for Governor. He will campaign full time.

Ground Zero for the GOP Jennifer Rubin at the Weekly Standard has a great article on how the first test of the GOP in the Obama era will take place in Virginia and the 2009 Governors race. The article discusses the McDonnell candidacy and how it is evolving here in Virginia. The article can be found here McDonnell talks about campaign and the GOP
With all the press focused on McAuliffe, his fund raising, and his new TV spot in Va Beach McDonnell is not getting the press he deserves for running a great campaign. Recently, McDonnell himself posted a campaign update on www.redstate.com. The post is a must read and can be found here

Huckabee and his PAC endorse McDonnell

Former Presidential Candidate and his newly formed PAC recently endorsed Bob McDonnell. This is the latest in a long line of endorsements for McDonnell. The endorsement was combined with one for Attorney General Candidate Ken Cuccinelli.
Formal press is here

McDonnell outpaces Dem rivals, even McAuliffe in $$$$$$

McDonnell’s campaign announced today that the state attorney general raised “over $1 million” since McAuliffe joined the race, and has raised $1.6 million over the full fund raising period from July to December 2008.

He has over $2 million on hand, and faces no opposition for the Republican primary. McDonnell is the first to reach the $2 million mark.

The article can be found here

McDonnell releases 2009 Legislative agenda

The agenda has 15 pieces of legislation which will be the Attorney General's focus this term. McDonnell called for an end to partisan politics so that Virginia could work through the current budget shortfall.

The agenda and accompanying commentary can be found here

Dem Terry McAuliffe is raising all sorts of cash

According to a memo released by the McAuliffe campaign today, the Democrat challenger has raised $1 million since November. If he can keep this up, it will almost certainly place him in the front running for the Democratic nomination. Again, this highlights the importance of getting out there and donating, speaking out, and volunteering for McDonnell.

Check out the memo here

McDonnell endorsed by Giuliani

Race heats up The Washington Post recently ran an article about the growing importance of the Virginia Governor race. It seems that the RNC is really getting behind Bob McDonnell. There are some big names coming to Virginia to campaign on behalf of McDonnell (I suggest getting a ticket to see all those that visit). The article underscores how important the race is for Virginia and the future of the Republican party. On another note, Terry McAuliffe is expected to make his official announcement on January 7th. Washington Post article is here McDonnell statement on Kaine's budget proposal
McDonnell released a statement on Gov. Kaine's budget proposal today. While McDonnell applauded the spending cuts, he rightly points out that the proposed tax increases are the wrong move in this economy. Read the statement here

Thanks Virginia Virtucon for the link

McDonnell proposes election reform

Today, Bob McDonnell continued his tradition of proposing common sense reforms. In a press release McDonnell outlined various proposals to reform elections throughout the Commonwealth. Proposals included Call for Additional Precincts; Ending Ban on Voters Wearing Campaign Paraphernalia at Polls; Assisting Election Officials with Closing the Polls; Speeding up Receipt of Absentee Ballots; Allowing First Responders to Vote Absentee

The entire proposal can be found here

RPV Advance Address

Recent poll shows a tight race Earlier this week, Rasmussen released a poll that shows the race for Governor is neck and neck between McDonnell and the three Democrat challengers. "Rep. Brian J. Moran of Alexandria is the only one of three leading Democratic hopefuls who beats Republican Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell in a straight match-up, 41% to 37%" It goes on to say, "McDonnell...runs dead even with Rep. R. Creigh Deeds of Bath County at 39% apiece. Four percent (4%) prefer a third candidate, and 18% aren’t sure. This is a repeat match-up for the two since McDonnell defeated Deeds for attorney general in 2005 in a race so close it required a recount." Finally, the poll compares McDonnell to long time Clinton confidant, Terry McAuliffe, who trails McDonnell 41% to 36%. Five percent (5%) like another candidate better, while 17% are undecided. This poll highlights how close this race is and how strong the likely Democrat challenger will be in a state wide race. If you were not involved, or paying attention, now is the time to start. B2R! The entire poll, and accompanying commentary can be found here Moran resigns from his House Seat
Brian Moran of Alexandria resigned from the House of Delegates today so that he can be a full-time candidate for governor. The full story can be found here

McDonnell unveils a new website

The McDonnell team went active with their new website yesterday. The website is amazing, and includes a video biography of the candidate that is worth a watch. All Republicans should take note, this is what a campaign website should look like...

The site can be found at: http://www.bobmcdonnell.com/

Bobby Jindal endorses McDonnell

2009 will be different Attorney General Bob McDonnell telling it how it is

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You need to be a member of Virginia Republicans for Bob McDonnell to add comments!

Comment by The Bulletproof Monk on November 4, 2009 at 8:55am
Congrats Bob!! I'll be in touch!!!
Comment by Tom Whitmore on November 4, 2009 at 8:45am
Congratulations, Bob McDonnell! Thank you for an honorable race and a huge win!! Conservative values are alive and well in the Commonwealth!!
Comment by laura ramirez on September 25, 2009 at 9:37pm
I believe that Bob McDonnell is doing great and the Latinos love him because he has demo started his Values, that are the same values of the Hispanic Community
Comment by Deborah Munoz on March 30, 2009 at 9:26pm

See The Examiner Article about the Annandale kick-off.
Comment by Popular Sovereignty on March 14, 2009 at 6:17pm
I'm glad Bob is running for Governor. It will be a turning point for Virginia. People have been saying the state has changed. I don't agree with that. It looks like Terry McAuliffe running against Rush Limbaugh in his latest email.

Comment by Paul Kugelman on February 22, 2009 at 8:35pm

One thing we should keep in mind is that Bob McDonnell is the only candidate for Governor that has a proven state-level track record. He kept every campaign promise that he made running to be Virginia's Attorney General. He understands the times. Through the settlement with Countrywide Financial, he brought mortgage relief to nearly 8,900 Virginians totaling, if memory serves, over $200 million. He has made our streets safer with his gang intervention intiatives. He has stepped to the fore with Internet safety for children and with tough laws for sexually violent predators.

He knows how to run government efficiently and effectively. Through his leadership, his Office voluntarily cut its budget nearly 15%. His Medicaid Fraud Unit was rated best in the nation as was, again if memory serves, his Child Support Enforcement Unit.

Despite McDonnell taking the lead in the polls, we are too far out to let that news do anything but motivate us to continue building momentum and increasing the distance between Bob and the rest, while they wrestle one another for their party's nomination. (Perhaps McAuliff will lose and run as an independent? - that would be sweet - he has the $$ to do it.)

Finally, I will encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in attending the convention to petition to become a delegate now, before time runs out. Obama's election was historic. Even so, one event in history sets the stage for the next - and the one before us is to have Virginia let the nation know that the Republican party has the leadership to take us through what lies ahead. Bob McDonnell is that leader who as the vision to see us through. Let's work to put him in the Governor's mansion because he has the ability, the vision, and the courage not only to see Virginia through, but to make her an example for the rest of the nation to follow.
Comment by Juanita Balenger on February 21, 2009 at 11:41pm
Less than two weeks remain to file as a delegate from Fairfax County to the Virginia State Convention in Richmond. You can download the filing form at www.fairfaxgop.org/index.html. The filing form must be at Fairfax GOP HQ by Noon, Saturday, March 7. Call 703.766.4467 if you have questions.
Comment by Fletcher "Rocky" Johnson on February 15, 2009 at 1:15pm

Although you will normally find me collecting information, analyzing the information, and then forming an opinion, I have to react to the latest article about Terry McAuliffe.

In Sunday’s Washington Post, 15 February 2009, Marc Fisher writes about how McAuliffe is “Brash and Loaded with Cash, McAuliffe skips past the experience issue.”

As I read the article, I became more and more infuriated that this used car salesman is a serious candidate to become our Governor. Please allow my outrage as I provide those of you who may not have read the article, some bits and pieces from it.

Here is a man who is a long time Clinton hired gun, stating in the article that if Hillary had won, he might already be the Secretary of Commerce. The arrogance of this statement reflects McAuliffe’s desire for titles and power, not what is good for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Hillary lost, and now the only position of power he sees available is the Governor of Virginia position.

The article states how McAuliffe has “ traded down…” from the national stage, and how McAuliffe describes himself in the statement, “I’m a pretty good salesman.” The article continues to state how, “Just a couple of months ago, what he (McAuliffe) knew about the state (it is a Commonwealth) consisted mainly of what he saw on his commute from McLean into the District.”

Another Terry McAuliffe quote that raised my blood pressure and are indicative of the man who wants to by our Governor, “If I don’t win, my life doesn’t change on iota.” When Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher attempts to continue his interview with the Democratic candidate, McAuliffe brushes him off with a “Money calls” and he is gone.

I am a strong supporter of Bob McDonnell and conservative values, as I assume most of you are, but we need to get out and make sure the people of Virginia understand what is going on and that an outsider is attempting to purchase the Governor’s mansion.

- Rocky Johnson -
Comment by Deborah Munoz on February 8, 2009 at 8:01am
We were so happy to meet with Bob McDonnell yesterday in Woodbridge. We had a very large and excited group. Please try to see him when he comes and keep spreading the word that he's our choice for Governor!
Comment by BowlMeOverVa on January 22, 2009 at 7:14pm
Bob McDonnell is now on Twitter! WTG!

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