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Happy Independence Day

On July 2nd 1776 the Second Continental Congress approved Richard Henry Lee’s Resolution of Independence, thus declaring the 13 Colonies free and independent of Great Britain and the Crown.

The Congress then turned its attention to the Declaration of Independence a document that the committee of five with Thomas Jefferson being the chief author had undertaken to explain the particulars and reasons for the colonies to seek independence. The Delaration after debate and amendment was…


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Shell Games or What Goes Around Comes Around

So you say you don’t like Obamacare, it’s unconstitutional.  You think Chief Justice Roberts got it wrong, legislated from the bench and called a penalty a tax so that the bill would survive.  You know that if they called the personal mandate a tax back in 2010, the bill would never have passed the first time.  The mere size of this power grab, control over 1/6th of our economy, scares the dickens out of you.   You worry about what further encroachments on your liberty are in…


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Convention or Primary for 2013 VA Statewide Republicans?

I’ve heard it said that convention is for conservatives and primary is for moderates or ‘Rinos’.  At least that is what is coming from the so called “constitutional conservative” wing of the Republican Party.  They further claim that conventions favor, and are for, the party stalwarts, the party faithful, and that primaries are skewed by Democrats crossing over.

It is true that by not having party registration it is easier for some Democrats to vote in our Republican primaries. …


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The Experience Factor

The Experience Factor

At the upcoming intra-party and public office elections, we have some clear choices to make between the tiresome “Go along to get along” candidates and the “Get it right, get it done” candidates.  In this election year with our liberty on the line, we have to “Get it right and get it done”!  Obama must go, and we must flip the U.S. Senate, and improve our position in the House of Representatives.  We can only get those things done if we have experienced…


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Obama the Illusionist

Obama the Illusionist


The release of Obama’s birth certificate was just another hat trick, more smoke and mirrors.  First of all, it came from a document that Hawaiian officials released and that copy is in the hands of the White House.  The online copy is a purported electronic scan of that and more than likely was enhanced for legibility.  Of course any enhancement may be innocent in itself or by design used to cover up changes.  The point is, there probably are no…


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Who Has War Powers?

Who Has War Powers?


Our Constitution provides that the Congress make declarations of war or define and punish international offenses, in Article. I. Section. 8. “The Congress shall have Power to declare War, grant letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water; To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations; To raise and support Armies; To provide and maintain a…


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Rule of Law or Mobocracy?

In Wisconsin you've been witnessing "democracy" in action, the rule of law and republican form of government will prevail! Thank God that the founding fathers anticipated this kind of behavior and gave us a Constitutional Republic. The founding fathers were scared to death of democracy, now you see why (mob rule).


Did you know that for as much as we hear about democracy and its virtues, that its use in describing our form of government is a misnomer.  The term democracy does…


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Happy Birthday to The Gipper

Ronald Reagan Remembered

Ronald Reagan was a Conservative icon for sure

A kitchen table patriot, whose wisdom will endure,

Embracing power with the responsibility of office and without thirst

A man of strong values who loved God, family and Country first

A true culture warrior who revered the sanctity of life

He taught us to love thy neighbor and not covet his wife

The Reagan’s slice of heaven was at their Rancho del Cielo

He seemed happiest at… Continue

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Earmarks-Porkulus Beasts or Useful Prescriptions

Earmarks-Porkulus Beasts or Useful Prescriptions

Recently the debate over earmarks has begun to really heat up. No one seems to have shed much light on the issue or made the case “for or against” very well. Earmarks have gained notoriety because of their association with big pork barrel spending and outright bribery (think of Louisiana Purchase or Cornhusker Kickback) to get large spending and regulatory bills passed (think, more taxes and less freedom). Taking the easy button is, to… Continue

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Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!!


We have had a great year in some ways and not so great in others.  The great silent majority awoke and found its voice.  Although it fell on…


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Merry Christmas in America

Dear Friends and Patriots,

Merry Christmas to All and a Blessed New Year to You and Yours! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas in America

The clean crisp smell of Evergreen boughs in the air

Sprigs of holly, green leaves and red berries, everywhere

Pieces of mistletoe tied up with a bow over the door

Everyone so jolly as they tramp from store to store

A time to share gifts and love, a wonderful celebration

A time to be grateful for freedom and… Continue

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!


As we celebrate and…


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"Thank You For Your Service"

“Thank You For Your Service”


On this day we honor all those who gave,…


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The Eleventh of September

The Eleventh of September

On this very solemn day…


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In Unity Lies Liberty

Congratulations to all the primary and convention nominees and thank you to all of the candidates, staffs, volunteers and supporters who fought so hard and participated in the electoral process which is a first step in preserving our freedoms. Now comes the rub for some, to join forces and go on to win in the fall for liberties sake. It is a nearly unavoidable fact that in the heat of battle the rhetoric sometimes heats up as well. We must all remember that they are just words,… Continue

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In God They Did Trust

In God They Did Trust

At a time in our country, when oh so young

There were many heroes who went unsung…


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The Tea Party....Activist Group or Social Club

The Tea Party…Activist Group or Social Club?

The Tea Party is at a branch in the road, which way will we go? Many local Tea Party and Patriot groups have tried from inception to maintain a nonpartisan stance. As we near the end…


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What the Tea Party Means to Me

What the Tea Party Means to Me

The Tea Party means many things to me, it is at once a celebration of our freedom and liberty, the conscience of America, an army of noble patriots bound by the flame of liberty burning…


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Take the Town Halls to Washington

Take the Town Halls to Washington hosted by the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition needs your support to bring the Town Halls and Tea Parties to Washington DC over the next 2 1/2 weeks. It is Obama's intention to ram the healthcare monstrosity through before the Congress convenes for spring break. We plan to stop it here with a continuous barrage of rolling Town Halls, we are gonna fight them in the morning, challenge them at night, follow them everywhere, and give them no respite! We want to…


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'Twas the Eve Before Christmas

The poem below is dedicated to all the Tea Partiers and Patriots who have braved foul weather and word to stand up for liberty and freedom. It is a take off on “’Twas the Night before Christmas” a poem By Clement Moore, enjoy!

“ ‘Twas the eve before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a Congressman was stirring, not even a mouse.

The Senate was in session, whilst we slept unaware,

For on this eve they were voting, for a monstrous nightmare.



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