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Congratulations on losing Virginia

Former Republican Congressmen congratultes Reid and Pelosi

Read it here:


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McDonnell riding the express train while Deeds is under the bus

Deeds is under the bus and McDonnell is riding the express train.

Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate for Governor, is on a roll; as evidenced by supporters turning out to knock on doors even in the rain, put up yard signs and call voters every day of the week.

Every poll shows the former Attorney General ahead of his opponent, most of them in double digits. The White House and the Democratic National Committee know how to read numbers which is why the senator for Bath… Continue

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Tea Party the Movie!

A documentary on the tea party movement is on its way - November 2nd.

Read more about it here

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National anti-media protest looks to be huge

This Saturday October 17th thousands will be turning out across the country to protest what they see as wide-spring media bias. It’s called “Operation can you hear us now?”

The idea behind the demonstrations nationwide is that an increasing number of Americans are angry and disappointed at the mainstream media (MSM) for bias and what they see as virtual journalistic malpractice. Demonstrations will take place outside various media outlets (check locally).

The group OPCYHUN… Continue

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A Well Deserved Pulitzer?

The best in investigative journalism is often rewarded with a Pulitzer prize.

I nominate the two young people who exposed the corruption in ACORN this past couple of weeks - James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles...

Full outline on why here http://www.examiner.com/x-16143-Richmond-Republican-Examiner~y2009m9d16-The-Pimp-the-prostitute--the-Pulitzer

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Deeds needs to fire his PR people

State senator Creigh Deeds is the Democratic candidate for Governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia this fall – surely you know this. Apparently Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Leader of the Senate Harry Reid do not.

Not my words but those of Mr. Deeds himself.

This week it was reported in the Washington Post that Deeds isn’t sure he knows neither the Speaker nor the Senate Majority Leader and is sure they do not know him.

Responding to… Continue

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Sarah Palin's smarmy almost, son-in-law

There is a new controversy surrounding the former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential Nominee, Sarah Palin.

Levi Johnston, her almost son-in-law and father of Palin’s only grandchild, is back in the media spotlight; this time a rather large piece complete with glamorous modelling shots in this month’s Vanity Fair magazine. Mr. Johnson doesn’t not hold back on his recollection of life with the Palin family with whom he lived for several months after the presidential… Continue

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Six Figure Sarah? You Betcha!

Former Alaskan Governor and last year’s Republican candidate for Vice President,Sarah Palin, is not slipping quietly away as some would have hoped.

This week Palin will consider accepting and rejecting well over the 1,000 invitations she has received for speeches and political appearances both paid and unpaid since she left office in July this year. In fact it was reported in the Atlantic this morning; Palin will be traveling to Hong Kong for her… Continue

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Stand by for the Senator Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill 2009

Will there be a groundswell of support and a change of tone on health care reform now that the lion of the Senate, Teddy Kennedy, has passed away?

There is, indeed, the potential for that as this morning’s television shows.

When Kennedy endorsed Obama for the Presidency last year, the Illinois senator was told health care needed to be tackled first and to all accounts Obama made that promise.

The specter of Kennedy will loom large as this debate continues to… Continue

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Sen. Ken Cuccinelli - not quite yet a household name

The majority of voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia have probably never heard of Ken Cuccinelli, let alone pronounce his last name. He plans to change that.

Read more on Ken here:


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Happy Birthday Mr President (wherever you were born)

Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Tomorrow, August 4, is President Barack Obama’s birthday.

Last week, the House of Representatives voting 378 to zero passed a measure marking August 21 2009 as the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood. Rightly so.

The Bill also noted Barack Hussein Obama’s birth in Hawaii on August 4 1961 and a “yes” vote backed HR 593 which even actually drew support from Republicans who question the President’s citizenship.

This past week… Continue

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Are YOU stupid? The Left think you are...

Are YOU stupid? ‘Stupid’ seems to be the word of the week.

First, President Barack Obama during a prime time press conference, called the Cambridge (Mass.) Police force of “acting stupidly” in the arrest of esteemed Harvard professor Gates. (Glad the BeerFest sorted that out but I wonder how many Buds Biden had AND he wasn’t invited).

Then, we have comedian and talk show host Bill Maher calling Americans “stupid.”

Are… Continue

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TEA for over 2000 at the Liberty 101: Richmond Tea Party

Chesterfield County Fairground was the site for one of the growing numbers of ‘tea parties’ springing up across the nation.

Touted by organizers as a Festival of Freedom and Liberty, the event was hosted by WRVA’s own the affable Doc Thompson who told the assembled throng how his political views were formulated after reading Ayn Rand’s tome ‘Atlas Shrugged’ whilst in his twenties. Thompson then went on to introduce over ten speakers including renowned American author and essayist… Continue

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Don't Tread on Me - Liberty 101

Liberty 101

Today, Saturday July 25th, will see the latest “tea party” take place in the Richmond area at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds.

The event will be hosted by WRVA’s popular Doc Thompson and featured speakers include Tito the Builder and the new Republican rock star Adnan Barqawi; Kuwaiti born and newly minted American citizen who astounded the recent Republican Convention at the Coliseum with his patriotic… Continue

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Traveling Tim – Arguably Virginia’s most frequent flyer.

Congratulations to the Richmond Times-Dispatch on their FOIA request on Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine’s travel and expenses paid for by the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.

And well done to the Virginia State Police for following up on this ongoing matter.

For those of you who do not know, Kaine holds down a number of jobs:

• Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia

• Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

•… Continue

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Come Out Virginia ...Part One

The legendary Billy Joel was down in Virginia Beach about this time last year and by far, the biggest roar from the jam packed stadium was to “only the good die young”.

Virginia Beach is the former home to the gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party who represented a House of Delegates seat in the area.

Joel’s lyrics, in retrospect make interesting reading and/or listening.

“Come out Virginia, dont let me wait… Continue

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Meet Cortland Putbrese

An interview with the Chairman of the Richmond Republican Party.

Cortland Putbrese is a man to watch.


Cortland , like many others, first got involved in politics whilst in college; in his case, at U.V.A. and later at Washington and Lee University School of Law.

When asked why he was a Republican, Putbrese said “I made a decision early on in… Continue

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You Gotta Love Joe

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You gotta love Vice President Joe Biden.

The former Senator from Delaware cannot quite work out who the governor of New Jersey is. Good ole Joe, well known for his gaffes (if you type in Biden gaffes into Google your… Continue

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We ARE a Broad Church

Another new face in the Republican Party to watch out for. (And vote for).

Ernesto Sampson.

Remember that name. He’s going places and the first stop will be the Virginia House of Delegates as the next representative for the 69th District this Novemeber (fingers crossed).

I’m tired of the left wing media calling the GOP an organization of old white men. It is not. The Party is diverse and… Continue

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Dont Cry for Me Argentina ......SC - Does it stand for South Carolina or Social Conservative?

The Governor of South Carolina can, in a macabre fashion, thank the untimely death of the King of Pop. Most Americans have the attention span of a flea so Sanford went from being the top story on the 24/7cable news channels to ‘who?’. He is no longer the latest disgraced Governor on the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post or the tabloids with brilliant headlines like “LUV GOV” and Buenos Airhead”.

The voters and… Continue

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