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Harry Reid Tabled the "Cut, Cap and Balance Act" - What's Next?


Senator Reid succeeded in tabling the "Cut, Cap and Balance Act" with a party line vote of 51-46. Here are what Signers of the Pledge are saying below. See the Pledge here at www.CutCapBalancePledge.com .


'We had 100% of Republicans.  Why are they afraid of debating and talking about this?  It was NOT defeated.  They simply voted to table it and can bring it back at any…


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The Washington establishment might want a deal, but Americans want a solution


Folks – The Washington establishment might want a deal, but Americans want a solution.  And there is only one solution out there:  Cut, Cap, and Balance.  Today’s actions in the Senate reveal two facts loud and clear: we are winning and they are scared.  Harry Reid might have found a procedural trick to give Senate liberals a time out from reality, but we are only 4 Democrat votes away from ending the debt crisis, and keeping our…


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Libya and the Federal Budget


Dear Patriots,


Speaker Boehner suggests Congress would have approved the initial strike on Libya but that our involvement and goals hadn't been sufficiently articulated. Obama says, we'll soften up the target to let the other Nations then police the no-fly zone.

Here are the problems many conservatives have with this unprovoked attack…


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Potential Lame Duck Schedule and Agenda starting November 15th

Scheduled Weeks

Monday thru Friday: November 15-19th (House and Senate*)

Monday thru Friday November 3rd to December 3rd (House and Senate*)

* The Senate has 3 cloture votes for the week of November 15th

1) S3815 the Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles Bill

2) S3772 the Paycheck Fairness Bill

3) S 510 the Food Safety Bill

Must Pass

- Appropriations Omnibus (CR expires December 3)



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The Tea Party Road Map

In the September issue of the "New Guard", Congressman Paul Ryan mapped out his plan to reclaim the American Idea. As a Tea Party leader it was necessary to respond with an alternative Tea Party Road Map. The most challenging task is to confront our ballooning and unsustainable entitlements and other usurped government spending from State and local governments, commerce, charity and the individual.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid grew to an unsustainable…


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Red Alert!! Healthcare and Tax and Debt tsumani! Man the Ramparts!!

Dear Patriots,

Three TRILLION of Federal tax increases are coming and they want four years of Healthcare tax before they give us anything. Your State and Local want a chunk of you too!! This is a Code Red, Red Alert, OPERATION URGENT CARE!!…


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Response to the 1.9 Trillion Debt Ceiling Increase and McDonnell & Bolling's spending plan

Dear Patriots,

The Democrats (and Republicans - if Virginia and other States accept this money) just loaded up with 1.9 Trillion of our money to defeat us, the American People, ...to fake prosperity, to propogandize, to pay for votes and bring the ruin of this Nation. Are you for sale? Join the Tea Party!!!

American Rising: An Open Letter to Congress (Republicans and Democrats)…


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Short list to limit Government

Dear Patriots,

Please share this list with your friends for comment especially if you live in a resource rich State. Feedback is welcome. Please also encourage your friends to join us at TeaPartyWDC at http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&suggest&note_id=235717258098#/group.php?gid=79418685481&ref=ts

"To Do" List for… Continue

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Why a Constitutional Convention is a VERY bad idea. No Amendments to the Constitution!

"Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the FIRST Convention, I would tremble for the result of the SECOND." James Madison

The dangers of a Constitutional Convention


Beware attack of the Constitution…


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A More Competitive Virginia - Lower taxes, cost & higher performance

Virginia State and Local Government needs to get out of competition with Commerce, Charity and the Individual's Rights and Responsabilities and reassume their oversight obligation to be an honest broker in order to remain competitive.

For instance, the State of Virginia is competing with Banks as a source of investment in our communities often dis-incentivizing development that creates efficiencies such as paying for Metro and existing road structures thru density. Through… Continue

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Strategy for Pro-Life Candidates & Advocates

We Christians and others who support Life have an uphill battle for Life. We need to cut the legs out from Government Spending that competes and has usurped commerce, charity and the individuals rights and responsabilities.

As such Pro-Life candidates have to go after the subsidies, grants and tax credits that make life uncompetitive.

Government growth fuels donations to encumbents and makes pro-life candidates David to their Goliath. I suggest candidates aggressively go… Continue

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