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Shell Games or What Goes Around Comes Around

So you say you don’t like Obamacare, it’s unconstitutional.  You think Chief Justice Roberts got it wrong, legislated from the bench and called a penalty a tax so that the bill would survive.  You know that if they called the personal mandate a tax back in 2010, the bill would never have passed the first time.  The mere size of this power grab, control over 1/6th of our economy, scares the dickens out of you.   You worry about what further encroachments on your liberty are in store.

You’re right to be scared and a damn sight more to be mad!   Obamacare is unconstitutional and the SCOTUS decision simply ignores what the constitution makes inconvenient.  The Origination Clause of the Constitution clearly states that all bills involving the raising of revenue must originate in the House of Representatives, that body which is closest and most accountable to the citizens.  H.R. 3590 was a bill introduced in the House by Representative Charlie Rangel that gave a tax credit to military and certain foreign-service federal employees who sold a house in a job related move.  It passed the House 416-0 and went to the Senate.  Harry Reid promptly gutted the bill entirely including the title and then under the House bill number inserted a whole new bill and title, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obamacare).  Here is a good article explaining the violation of the Origination Clause in detail: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/06/29/Justice-Roberts

So there you have it, Obamacare was given life by a shell game and last month its life was saved by another shell game.

How do you vent some of that anger and allay those fears?  How do we set things straight?  It’s as easy as making 3 phone calls.  Simply call this number (202)-225-0600 and ask Speaker Boehner to go ahead with the vote to repeal Obamacare, since this will put everyone’s position on Obamacare in the House on record going into the election.  Then immediately file suit against Obamacares violation of the Origination Clause.  Second call Majority Leader Eric Cantor at (202)-225-2815 or (202)-225-4000 and ask him to do the same.  Then call your Congressman via the Capitol Switchboard at (202)-225-3121 or (202)-224-3121 or Toll Free (877)-762-8762.  Each and every member of the House of Representatives has “standing” in this matter to bring a suit.  Always be courteous

So now you’re feeling a little better, but everyone knows that lawsuits can take a couple of years and the outcomes can be dicey as we just saw.  So you ask yourself, “What else can I do?”  Here is a short list that will be relatively painless between now and election day, especially when you compare to what the founders endured:

  1. Get involved, commit some time, between now and election day to help an organized effort whether knocking doors, making phone calls or reaching out into the community in other ways.  Trolling cyber space, even if it is Facebook or Twitter, will not set you free.  Getting the government out of your life will set you free.
  2. Establish a personal goal of bringing a friend, family member or associate to the polls that would not normally vote.  Impress upon them how important this year is, how close to the precipice our country is, who knows they may bring some others too.  If each of us finds one more, we double our clout.
  3. Dig deep, freedom is not free.  Find a Republican Senate candidate to support with time and treasure.  Campaigns are expensive and we must “Flip the Senate” this year if we are to have any chance at saving our Country as we know it.  Surely there is something you are willing to give up for your liberty; a few lattes, an evening out on the town, with the price of gas that long drive in the country, or maybe just decide to make an extra investment in yours, your kids and your grandkids future and freedom.  If you are comfortable, consider donations to your Congressional candidate, Republican Party and Romney.
  4. Wear a bumper sticker or two, maybe even three as are on our cars.  One each for Romney, your U.S. Senate and your Congressional race candidates.  You may even find one bumper sticker with all three amigos on it.  Each sticker (Today’s vinyl stickers peel off easily) is worth $300.00 in advertising between now and the election.
  5. Sport one or more yard signs supporting your Republican candidates.  They are easy to get, check out political events in your area or go by the local Republican HQ or the campaign offices.  Mr. Google can be really helpful in finding them.  Check the links on the front page at www.RPVNetwork.org .
  6. Get the facts and stand your ground.  Don’t be intimidated by liberal media bias or belligerent liberals.  This Country was founded from principles right of center, was built and became great from right of center solutions like limited government and free markets, and developed a national morality and sense of justice that made our Nation the “Shining city on a hill”, the number one economy in the world, the leader of the free world.  The liberals, would revere “Mother Earth” before God, would save a tree or terrorist and forsake a baby, would put a world order before our national sovereignty, would force their immorality on everyone, would ban prayer in public places but open the sessions of Congress with prayer, would hold two sets of standards one for the right which is do as the left says but not as they do and one for the left which says we can do as we please and blame the right if it doesn’t work out.  Don’t waste time arguing with liberals, if they had a lick of sense they wouldn’t be a liberal.  With a grasp of the facts and a firm conviction others will follow your lead.

There you have it, a short list as promised.  Remember always, we are right the left is wrong.  In the end we win, they lose.  When that will come is determined by the answer to this question, “If not you then who, if not now then when?”  Let’s all pull together and make the November 6, 2012 election the shot that is heard around the world.  Let’s drive a stake through the heart of liberal oppression, mediocrity and economic slavery and launch the beginning of a renewed era of freedom, economic opportunity and world leadership.

Together we can take this first giant step in securing our future and honoring our founding fathers’ legacy by turning our great Nation around.

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