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My wife Mary and I are in Nevada with our Conservative Campaign Committee team, campaigning for Ted Cruz.  We awoke this morning to snow.  Mary asked me to walk several blocks from our hotel to Walgreen's to pick up a few things.  With my headset plugged into my smartphone, I listened to Ted Cruz's press conference during my trek.

Wow!  Cruz's brilliant, bold performance at that press conference showcased why America desperately needs Ted Cruz in the White House.  The MSM (Democrat operatives) tried to use Obama's talking points to pressure Cruz and the GOP into allowing Obama to appoint a flaming liberal to the Supreme Court in his remaining months.  Cruz did not fall for it.  He firmly said no, not happening.

Cruz went on to say: “And I believe we should make 2016 a referendum on the U.S. Supreme Court.  If the Democrats want to jam in a liberal judicial activist to undermine the First Amendment, to undermine the Second Amendment, to take away our religious liberty, we should make that an issue for the American people.”

“We should not confirm a justice nominee during an election year, particularly with a lawless president who has undermined the Constitution at every stage.”

Folks, Republicans simply do not tell the no-holds-barred truth about Obama like that.  It just isn't done!

Later, a CCC team member sent me video of Ted Cruz featured on CNN's Republican Presidential Town Hall, hosted by leftist operative Anderson Cooper.

Once again, Cruz's confident stature and performance blew me away.  With a smile, Cruz brilliantly touted conservatism despite being in the belly of the leftist beast, in the presence of his enemies.  Cruz boldly rebuked Planned Parenthood for possible criminal activity, winning him audience applause.

In other words, Cruz remained Cruz – no moderating his message to pander to liberals and low-info CNN viewers.  Now, that's what I'm talkin' about, folks.

A stirring in my soul told me, “Oh, my gosh – as patriots, we can not allow this man to get away.  We cannot blow this extremely rare opportunity to elect a true thoroughbred conservative Reaganite – only to allow Cruz to fade away into the sunset.”

Ted Cruz is truly the one we have been waiting and praying for.  Obviously empowered by his faith and the knowledge that he has right on his side, Cruz confronts the GOP establishment, the Democratic Party, and their MSM henchmen.  Cruz boldly demands, Let my people go.

In the current political matrix, Ted Cruz is “The One.”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

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