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State senator Creigh Deeds is the Democratic candidate for Governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia this fall – surely you know this. Apparently Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Leader of the Senate Harry Reid do not.

Not my words but those of Mr. Deeds himself.

This week it was reported in the Washington Post that Deeds isn’t sure he knows neither the Speaker nor the Senate Majority Leader and is sure they do not know him.

Responding to comments made by his opponent, Republican Bob McDonnell, who said “you know Deeds is going to be carrying water for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed” at the Labor Day event in Buena Vista, Deeds said; “I’m not sure I’d know either one of them if I saw them, except I’ve seen them on television. I’m sure they wouldn’t know me.”

Full article here:http://www.examiner.com/x-16143-Richmond-Republican-Examiner~y2009m9d10-What-sort-of-a-Democrat-is-R-Creigh-Deeds

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