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While listening to the recent inaugural presentations and festivities, I was appalled to hear the racist comments from people obviously embraced by Pres. Obama and his staff. The 'benediction' given at the end of the ceremony appealing to God so that "black won't have to get to the back, brown can stick around, yellow will become mellow, the red man can get ahead, man, and whites will embrace what's right" was unbelievably divisive and racist! Segregation ended decades ago, Latinos ARE welcome - unless they enter the country ILLEGALLY, and to imply that whites generally and regularly embrace wrongs instead of justice is so far skewed to the left it's ridiculous! Where is Pres. Obama and his staff's denouncement of this twisted racist philosophy? Then, to make matters worse, I listened to two rappers, Jay-Z and Geezee, at an inaugural ball use intense profanity (m-f-er, etc.) over and over when referring to former Pres. Bush and then stating, "my president is black!" in an 'in-your-face' tone. What would have happened if someone formally supporting Pres. Bush had written a song against another race and stated "my president is white" in the same tone as these two rappers? Can you imagine the outcry (and rightly so)??

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought this administration was supposed to bring in an era of love, understanding, and unity instead of the hate, discord, and divisiveness as evidenced in these recent examples. These comments were made by people selected to be part of the ceremony, chosen to sit near the President, and invited to perform at the sanctioned functions, not just random spectators in the general audience who still carry grudges and chips on their shoulders.

It's time for Pres. Obama to formally denounce this hate speech and live up to his campaign rhetoric! Based on what I've seen and heard, it seems Pres. Obama chooses to embrace this racial/hate speech. What is this teaching our young people and the world? Does he want to be President for ALL Americans, or is he purposely dividing our country into racial wedges consisting of who he wants to serve and who isn't included? I am saddened and disgusted by what I have observed.

I urge all Americans to email, call, or write the White House to request - no, demand - that Pres. Obama formally denounce these racist statements as unprofessional, unAmerican, and unwanted in his administration to exemplify that he really does want to follow what he preaches and is the President for ALL Americans!

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Comment by Donald Joy on January 28, 2009 at 12:47pm
Wow, Lynda--you go!! Yours is a very well articulated and almost comprehensive analysis of our current situation...reading your last comment, I took some solace in the fact that at least I have evidence in this forum that other regular people like myself are paying attention and understand what is going on, even if we presently feel moslty powerless to do anything about it.

I am becoming more and more insistent that we organize and revolt, because the politicians simply aren't listening to us--the special interests and socialists have a stranglehold on their attention and puppet-strings.
Comment by Lynda VanLiew Fairman on January 28, 2009 at 9:31am
No, Scott, I don't feel alienated because of music choices or physical celebrations. Those are cultural preferences, and quite honestly, I enjoy learning about and experiencing those kinds of differences, sometimes even adopting them into my own life. I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel to and study in many different countries around the world as well as the ethnic communities within our own country. These are learning experiences I treasure. Those types of differences usually don't alienate people UNTIL they are used as put-downs and slurs in an 'in your face' attitude. I believe the current racist comments and attitudes not being denounced by Obama and his administration are being used to eliminate any obstructions to their agenda.

Looking at Obama's record, statements, and the actions so far of his administration and the Democrats in power, yes, I do feel their path will lead to the destruction of the free market system and overall freedom for Americans.

I've lived in England and personally witnessed socialized medicine and the incredibly high taxes their citizens must pay to fund it. Not only are they forced to pay high taxes for this so-called 'free' health care, they must pay more out of their personal savings if they want treatment quickly instead of waiting MANY months or years to be seen and treated. They are slaves to their jobs to fund these social programs instead of having the freedom of choice for themselves and their families. It boils down to personal responsibility and choice. When the government controls everything, why bother doing any more than the forced bare minimum? What's the incentive to excel? Capt. Smith learned that at Jamestown after their arrival in 1607, and the pilgrims learned it at Plymouth: when individuals have the freedom to produce for their own savings, they become prosperous and can help the society more than when the government controls and forces them. History has proven that the Marxist idea of "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" doesn't work and, ultimately, causes the society to collapse. Prosperity exists in systems that embrace free market capitalism with personal responsibility.

The 'bail out' plan, now being tagged as 'stimulus', is nothing more than extensive earmarks and pork for expensive projects in selective areas and will bankrupt our citizens for generations to come. Think about the 'bail out' bill we were told was so desperately needed in October '08 (under the Democrat-controlled Congress) to save our economy - they can't even verify where the money went, and the economy is still in the tank. At the root of this problem was the directive from Congress, pushed through by the Democrats, several years ago that banks must loan housing money to people who did not have the means to pay for it, because everyone 'deserves' a home - putting feel-good emotions above responsibility. Groups like ACORN used confrontational tactics to force its compliance. When Pres. Bush and Congressional Republicans tried to rein it in (2006 & 2007), they were denounced as being insensitive to those not as 'fortunate' or wealthy and wanting to deny them a home they 'deserve' - the classic 'class warfare' tactic used by the Democrats. Now, those who have been and are responsible are being forced to fund these irresponsible actions. Spending our way out of financial problems flies in the face of reality and common sense! It won't work.

Obama's foreign policy plan regarding the Islamic-Fascist Terrorists around the world seems to be the reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain's "peace in our time" personal negotiations that led to incredible destruction during WWII. History has taught us that you can't negotiate with tyrants - it only signals weakness to them and emboldens their actions. We didn't start this current war - they did, and it started many years before 9/11. They understand that we value human life - especially regarding civilian women and children - and have used that against us and our allies. They are the ones who attack civilians on a regular basis and then hide amongst them, using them as shields, then blame us for attacking civilians when we respond. This war cannot be negotiated to peace - the lack of war would be slavery not peace. We must win this war to restore peace and freedom just as we won WWII, just as Patrick Henry spoke about for engaging in and winning the American Revolution. Unfortunately, if we refuse to learn from history's lessons about tyrants, we will be doomed to repeat them.
Comment by Lynda VanLiew Fairman on January 27, 2009 at 9:36am
In this day and age, it's wrong to use racist remarks and put-downs - no matter who you are, what you or your parents/family went through, or who your ancestors were - that's the whole point of learning from past mistakes so you don't keep repeating them against each other. (And yes, my family did experience discrimination as "dirty Irish Catholics" in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, so I know a bit of what it's like on the receiving end. Just because I'm "lily white" doesn't mean I don't understand.)

Yes, our country has made mistakes in the past, but unlike many countries throughout history, we've learned how to correct them and work to move on to better relationships and opportunities. That's part of what makes America great! If mistakes are made, apologize for it and move forward - don't keep doing it over and over again. Since its founding, the Republican Party has embraced this ideal - remember, it was our party that supported integration and women's suffrage to lead the nation in these areas!

If I state my disagreement or displeasure with someone's ideas, opinions, or choices, it has nothing to do with their race or creed. Call me naive, but I expect the same of others - especially the leaders of our country! It's time to remind our leaders of this responsibility and expectation. Althought we have many different philosophical opinions, we're ALL Americans, not hyphenated, disjointed groups based on race, ethnicity, creed, etc. as our present administration seems to desire - seemingly in an effort to 'divide and conquer.'
Comment by Lynda VanLiew Fairman on January 27, 2009 at 8:38am
You're right, Deborah, he shouldn't want to alienate anyone, however, I believe Scott has it right: Obama and the other Democrats feel he was given a mandate and can do whatever they wish. His 'I won,' and 'trump you' comments to the House Republicans regarding their questions on the 'bail out' items this week is, unfortunately, indicative of things to come. To many citizens of this country allowed themselves to be bamboozled with his lofty rhetoric of "bipartisanship", "eliminating divisiveness", and having "transparency" in the government that is far from the truth in his administration. It is up to us to make our voices heard via phone calls, emails, and letters directly to our state & national representatives as well as speaking at 'town hall meetings' they attend - even if you know they'll ignore it.

It's, also, time to remind those representatives who bear the Republican label that they need to follow the stated principles of the Republican Party and not be RINOs. If they were elected as Republicans, it's time for them to stand for those conservative values and beliefs!

I firmly believe in the old adage: "Evil dwells where good men fear to tread." I, for one, refuse to be fearfully quiet and watch others destroy our country!
Comment by Deborah Munoz on January 27, 2009 at 7:59am
Scott: He should not want to alienate anyone if he intends to serve more than one term. It would serve him well to make some Bill Cosby-like remarks.
Comment by Donald Joy on January 25, 2009 at 12:23am
Jeremiah Wright takes many forms, and is heartily embraced by the anti-American, anti-white Democrats.
Comment by Donald Joy on January 24, 2009 at 11:48pm
We are going to see more and more push-back from whites, especially white males, as the Marxist dystopia of failed race relations becomes more obvious under our first black President.

The inaugural events that featured atrocious, race-baiting profanity from ghetto thug rappers and race-baiting language from preachers and poets were utterly unacceptable.

More whites simply have to be willing to endure the slings and arrows in the form of accusations of "bigot!!" and "racist!!" when we speak up and defend ourselves, our culture. I long for the day when we circle the wagons around someone like George Allen instead of "throwing him undert the bus" for a single insensitive remark.

In the meantime, we live under a regime that actively discriminates against white males in the form of "diversity" programs and agendas--all the while publicly claiming that discrimination on any basis is prohibited! If this is not Orwellian, I don't know what is.

We are going to see more and more pushback from whites, mark my words.
Comment by Donald E. Scoggins on January 23, 2009 at 11:28pm
I can't speak for Obama, although in my opinion its better to let well enough alone otherwise we will hear no end to all this race business and more important matters will go neglected. In his attempt to be cool or hip Rev. Lowery's words came across as rather harsh and crude to those unfamiliar with him.

Rev. Lowery is a throw back from segregated days when his style of preaching was not uncommon and the kind of fare heard in many black churches, especially those with not the most educated congregation. I don't condone Rev. Lowery's remarks, though what he said were more of a cultural thing whereby folks accustomed to being amongst especially southern blacks would understand.

Given this changing universe people should learn to expand their horizons. Its just like fellow blacks ask me why I attend Republican meetings considering they are essentially Lilly white. Comments or body language experienced at these gatherings do not bother me. I don't limit myself and make it a point to understand all kinds of people and don't apply litmus test to those I chose to mingle. Something the GOP must begin doing if its going to survive and be successful broadening its base.
Comment by Lynda VanLiew Fairman on January 23, 2009 at 11:05pm
Needless to say, racist hate is wrong - no matter who does it, and it needs to be denounced loudly. The idea of reparations is rediculous - those who practiced slavery have been dead for over a century, and the American people have worked for generations to help all succeed in this country: free education, equal employment opportunities, college opportunities & scholarships, fair trade, etc. This Presidential election is an example that the doors are open and have been open to all. This administration needs to lead the way in moving FORWARD instead of reaching back to smack others down!
Comment by Tom Whitmore on January 23, 2009 at 10:27pm
It may be he doesn't want the waters stilled just yet, reparations may still be in the offing. One thing is for sure, the choice of performers isn't exactly, family hour fare!








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