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Too many people ask the wrong question. "Is Trump a conservative?" The question should be "Is Trump conservative enough?". If John McCain and Romney were conservative enough that answer has to be "Yes". I would assert even further that based on the criticism of Trump over changing positions on issues that he and Romney are not much different outside of Trump's clear America First platform, demeanor, and fight. Also Trump never implemented state run healthcare in such a way that it was used as the foundation for Obamacare so in that extent I'd rate Romney the less conservative because he actually proved it in the way he governed.

If all Trump offered was the standard consultant fed drivel he'd be as impotent as Romney ultimately was. Trump instead has taken substantial risk to his business deals and brand to run for President. He could've chosen more politically correct ways to make his statements but instead went full on out the gate attacking illegal immigration directly. He has lost real business because of this he's been maligned as an xenophobe, racist, and bigot. If there is any measure of genuine conversion to a cause or ideology it is represented by the ability to take on the cost associated with it and Trump indeed took that on not knowing in any real way that his bold approach would work in a society used to receiving politically correct homilies.

Trump of course is more than conservatism and for any doubts one has about his personal convictions one can not with any credibility attack the conservatism of the policies he's put forth and the patriotic conservative theme of his campaign "Make America Great Again".  No one can deny his appeal to the millions of Americans who have over time quit believing in America and its dream. They've seen their jobs and opportunities drain away to foreign lands as they increasingly must compete for service level jobs with work visa holders and illegals for what amount to stagnate and low wages.Trump takes up the plight of the hurting disaffected forgotten men and women, he doesn't just talk down to them telling them how those coal jobs that the EPA killed were really a good thing or that moving jobs to China is good for America with talk about how it improves wages and profits at the top but leaves the bottom and middle income worker wanting. Trump tells these people like Reagan that a brighter America is on the horizon that together we can "Make America Great Again". This message touches the souls of Americans and he doesn't even need to tell them he feels their pain.

When Trump is filling stadiums with thousands, many who haven't voted in years, with a clear conservative pro America first message who can find fault with it and call themselves a true conservative? I certainly can't and its shameful that those who should know better are putting small ball politics above the big picture. Donald Trump is a vessel of a bloodless revolution. He is waking up the long asleep spirit of America triumphant. One can criticize Trump all they want on his past but when they attack his pro America conservative message as hate they reveal more about how their conservatism is lacking than Trump's.

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