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My Campaign for Caroline County GOP Committee Chair

    My name is Philip and I am running for Caroline County GOP Committee chair against the incumbent Jeff Sili.  I am expecting this to be a very tight race and I will certainly need every identified supporter to cast a vote for me at the upcoming mass meeting.

      I am in this race out of my concern of the direction of the local Republican party.   Currently, there is not GOP committee website, there is only quarterly meetings, notices for meetings are sent out via newspaper ads, and on the Republican Party of Virginia site if its a mass meeting, and it currently takes about a year for conservatives to join as new committee members.  Unfortunately, the current leadership is more interested in maintaining power than with growing the party.  
     In 2005 I helped start a college Republicans chapter at George Mason University and I remained a member until my senior year.  In 2008 I became a member of the Maryland Young Republicans and in 2009 I became chair of the Carroll County Maryland Young Republicans group. 
     Ever since I moved to Caroline County in 2012 I have been involved with the local Young Republicans group.  I worked as a staffer for the Mitt Romney for President campaign and I worked on a Lieutenant Governor's race.  After the GOP convention I started to work for Heritage Action for America as a precinct captain while working as a volunteer for the Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson, Mark Obenshain and Buddy Fowler campaigns.  In October 2013 I decided to start a Caroline County Tea Party group and we have been meeting on a monthly basis ever since its creation.  
    I have a positive vision for the growth of the conservative base in Caroline County by supporting the creation of a GOP committee site, by having monthly meetings, by having those meetings announced online regularly, by appointing a minority outreach chair, by shrinking the minimum about of time a person has to wait to join as a member to about 2 months and to welcoming tea party members into leadership positions in the committee.  
    Currently, I am looking for volunteers to help with door knocking and phone banking in Caroline.  If you know of anyone willing to help with either effort I would be more than happy to reach out to them.  Feel free to call me at 571-455-5312 with any questions that you have and I look forward to talking soon. 

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