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I am trying to reconstruct a small family farm in southside Va.I remember when I was growing up we had all kinds of crops and livestock. Now I am trying to create a small fruits and vegetable farm. With this stimulas the Democrats got us into I have no idea how I am going to expand from having to pay back his money.
My question is how is this stimulating my farm and others like me? If our money is taken away to pay for someone else and not what we need to do for our family how is this good? My hope is that the republicans not only in virginia but across the country wake up and pull together for the good of the future of our children and grandchildren..
This farm and others like mine have seen 7 generations and with this administration I dont know how its going to keep surviving. is this the CHANGE we were promissed. well I dont like it. Im beeting my head up against a wall trying to figure out what we can do to get OUR COUNTRY back. The one I want my granddaughter to inherrit.
I dont want political correctness. Im not politically correct and never will be.As a member of the Sons Of Confederate Veterand I want my children and grandchildren to learn history the way it was and wheather it was right or wrong I want them to learn from it. Not some political B.S. made to sound good.

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Comment by The Bulletproof Monk on February 24, 2009 at 7:05pm
Lewis, I hear ya.
I'm descended from two Settles who rode with Mosby.
My family farm went to the 9 heirs in my father's family.
Who promptly sold it for what they could get out of it. Dad's parcel of that farm is now surrounded by strangers.








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