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Potential Lame Duck Schedule and Agenda starting November 15th

Scheduled Weeks

Monday thru Friday: November 15-19th (House and Senate*)

Monday thru Friday November 3rd to December 3rd (House and Senate*)

* The Senate has 3 cloture votes for the week of November 15th

1) S3815 the Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles Bill

2) S3772 the Paycheck Fairness Bill

3) S 510 the Food Safety Bill

Must Pass

- Appropriations Omnibus (CR expires December 3)

(CR=Continueing Resolution)

- Doc Fix

- Unemployment Insurance

- TANF (expires December 4th)

- FAA (Expires December 31st)

- Highway (Expires December 31st)


2001, 2003 (Individual, cap gains, dividends, exemptions, credits)

- Extenders (R&D, State and Local etc..)

- AMT Patch (additional 15 million taxpayers)

- Death Tax Reinstatement and Retroactivity (return to 55%)

- Offsets (carried interest, S Corps, international, etc)

Deficit Commission Recommendations

- 14 of 18 members must agree

- Republicans Ryan, Camp, Hensarling, Gregg, Crapo, Coburn

- Due December 1st

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT)

- Defense Authorization Conference Report

Stem Cell Executive Order Codification

Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA)

Child Nutrition (Senate Bill pending in House)

Food Safety (pending Senate action)

Gulf Response Conference Report

Cap and Trade

Card Check

Immigration Reform (Sen Menendez introduced prior to adjournment)


"Much of what we'll accomplish - or won't accomplish - during a lame duck has to do with who is going to be elected in November." one Senior Senate Democratic aide said (Roll Call 10/4/10)

Some suggestions..Return Unemployment to the States, reduce Continuing Resolution, reduce Highway Bill, Remove from Tax package business/jobs oriented funding for an over all lower across the board tax reduction.

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