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I was listening to a local conservative talk radio show today and there was someone who called in to voice his frustration concerning what is happening to our country. This is a frustration that I imagine is shared by many of us. Part of his aggravation came from the fact that he felt helpless, that he didn’t know what to do to help change things. I am sure there are many who feel the same way.

This feeling leads us to search for ways to overcome this sense of foreboding. That is what brings us to web sites like this where we find others of like mind. Unfortunately, for what seems to be too many of us this is where it stops. I participate on several conservative sites like this and after checking on thousands of members that have signed up I see too few actually participating. I realize that unlike our liberal counterparts conservatives are busy dealing with life’s challenges. We work long, hard hours providing for our families and thanks to our government for other’s families as well. This puts a limit on our time to become involved with causes that are meaningful to us.

If we truly want to make a change we have to be willing to make some sacrifices. We have to step out of our comfort zone and be willing to reach into ourselves and put forth the extra effort that is needed to change the direction our nation is headed. Unless we want to leave our children and our grandchildren a country that will burden them beyond belief we need to get out and raise a little hell.

This hell raising will mean more then sitting at home in the evening blogging with our fellow patriots. Besides writing our representatives we need to be contacting our local papers, putting up flyers, and yes marching. For some reason it only seems to be the left wing nut cases that are willing to pick up signs and march. We need to start doing so ourselves. We need to get our pictures in the papers and on the six o’clock news. If they don’t pay attention we need to generate larger groups until they do. If we do this our representatives may start paying attention to us. If they don’t then we make the same noise to promote their opponents and replace them in Washington and at the state level.

That is why I have decided to become involved in organizing a Tax Day Tea Party in Charlottesville. This will be my start at making a difference. I would like to ask anyone reading this blog entry if you are within a reasonable distance to Charlottesville please consider attending the rally and help make a difference. Information is on the event calendar on this site.

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