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The foolishness of the "Electability" argument.

This notion that political pundits and so-called experts inject into the political campaign scene of "electability" each year, is pure political bovine scatology. It is the voters who determine "electability", not a panel of political hacks sitting in ivory towers attempting to steer us into voting for their choices instead of ours. Our present President is ample proof of this. He entered the scene with 7 other candidates and was immediately labeled "unelectable." Yet, here we are 2 years later wishing he really hadn't been electable.

I see the same sick game being played today in the Republican Party. Pundits and so-called experts have already decided who is and who isn't "electable." Even the Republican Party in Virginia is playing the game.

Well, I for one have had enough of this sick, twisted game. I will not sit by and let Washington DC or Richmond determine WHO I will be voting for.

I will not support George Allen for US Senate. He is nothing more than a typical career politician of which we already have far too many.

I will not support Bill Stanley for Virginia Senate. he has been handpicked by the Governor and the RPV and the back-room deal was made, in Richmond, to allow him to run in the 20th district instead of the 19th where he lives.

Now, I realize we are all free to make our own choices, mine will not be made for me by some political operative in DC or Richmond. I know we in SW Virginia can make our own sensible choices and if the powers that be do NOT like that, then tough, try and get someone elected without us.



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